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Saturn Retrograde Sets Us Up For Success

Saturn Retrograde Sets Us Up For Success

Just when we thought we were safe from the dreaded Mercury retrograde, the cosmos hits us with another dose of retrograde energy; this time, Saturn is the star of the show.

Thankfully, Saturn retrograde isn't the sh*t show that Mercury tends to be.  

However, Saturn makes us examine ourselves in ways that many find uncomfortable.  From June 4th until October 23rd, Saturn retrograde will help shape us into our best selves.

Let's take a deep dive into the world of Saturn retrograde and what it means for us.

What Does Retrograde Even Mean?

If you're new to astrology, you'll hear or see the term "retrograde" being thrown around, usually in the context of something going wrong or someone's raggedy ex coming back around.

Retrogrades are much more than that.

Each of the planets in our solar system moves at a particular speed.  Every so often, each planet slows down its rate of speed and eventually stops.  The planet then goes retrograde.  The retrograde phase is when that planet moves so slowly that it appears to be moving backward from our vantage point here on earth.

When a planet is retrograde, the energy of that planet is inwardly directed, reversed, or recalled.  It's as if that planet is sleeping and, therefore, cannot give its full attention and energy to the matters at hand that it governs.

For example, Mercury is associated with communication, short-distance travel, siblings, contracts, and agreements.  When Mercury is retrograde, all of these things will experience delays, slip-ups, accidents, and irregularities.

However, the point or purpose of a retrograde planet isn't just to make our lives more difficult.

Retrograde is a time of REFLECTION.  It allows you to revisit certain things in your life, course-correct, and fine-tune them.  In doing so, you can set yourself up to be in an advantageous position once the retrograde planet stations direct.


Structurally Sound Saturn

Saturn is the planet of life lessons, karma, obstacles, delays, structure, diligence, and patience.  

Basically, all the things we're not too fond of. 

Life isn't about endless positivity, unicorns, rainbows, and roses, and Saturn regularly reminds us of that.

It's not all bad, though.  The one (or many, depending on how you look at it) saving grace concerning Saturn is that the lessons we learn from this harsh planet set us up for everything we want to achieve in life.

By learning harsh life lessons, we build the character necessary to successfully attain the things we desire.

When Saturn is retrograde, rather than learning these lessons via our experiences with others, our attention and energy are focused inward on ourselves to provide new personal structures that can support our goals for the long term.

Here are a few ways that Saturn retrograde will show up for us:

  • Themes concerning responsibility, obligation and duty may come back around, especially if we didn't address them before;
  • Karma may come to bite you in the ass if you didn't previously act right; if you were good in your word and your deed, you'll be rewarded;
  • Because Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, you may experience delays in plans to move forward.  Patience will be required;
  • Much like failing in school, if you didn't learn an important lesson the first time, Saturn retrograde will make you repeat the class; and 
  • Work and career may come into focus, especially things that weren't completed or need a second look.

Saturn Retrograde in the Signs


Your friendships, associations, goals, and ambitions will be highlighted.  Perhaps you'll be tested on lessons surrounding loyalty, identity, and the ability to use your imagination.  What responsibilities do you have to your friends, and how do those responsibilities shape your identity?  Saturn retrograde will have you answering those questions.


Of all the signs, you are the ones who will deal primarily with issues concerning career.  This retrograde season will have you examining everything you've done and should do to experience career advancement or recognition.  It's important that you use this time to complete previous tasks.  Be patient; Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your career.  


Saturn retrograde will test you on your knowledge and your faith.  Do you need cold, hard facts, or can you move by faith and not by sight?  This retrograde season may change the structure of how you view the world at large and show you what opening your mind can produce.  This may come in situations designed to push you out of your comfort zone.


For you, this retrograde season may take you on a trip to the underworld; take a deep dive into the recesses of your mind.  Lessons related to intimacy, vulnerability, and letting go will likely be presented to you.  Passing these lessons with flying colors should be the priority, as your graduation gift will surely involve a relationship so deep that it rocks you to the core.


Relationships - the issue that plagues us all at some point - will be the focus of this retrograde season.  If your goal is to have a solid and stable relationship, then allow Saturn to show and explain what you need to do.  Lessons concerning commitment, obligation, and choice are likely to come up.  Any setbacks experienced at this time are really setups for something better.


For you, the areas of life that come most naturally - work and health - will be highlighted this retrograde season.  Has your quest for perfection robbed you of your ability to be a value to others or yourself?  Saturn will allow you to course-correct.  Your physical, emotional, and mental health will take precedence, and Saturn will assist you in living your best life.


Saturn retrograde may have you revisiting situations that make you open up your heart and express yourself.  Responsibilities related to children may also come back around.  Have you neglected your own authentic identity for that of an association or group?  Have you been trying to fit in instead of standing out?  Saturn will help you sort these things out. 


Home and family come into focus this retrograde season.  Issues concerning things like shelter, security, food, and warmth may come back up to be dealt with before you can move forward into the future.  You may have to revisit your childhood and deal with some heavy emotions.  If you gain all the important lessons, your home and family will soon truly be your sanctuary.


This retrograde season, expect changes to the structures of your mind.  The way you think and process information may be experiencing a serious overhaul.  Responsibilities concerning business transactions, agreements, and negotiations may need to be revisited and revised.  Alternatively, things in your immediate environment may be renovated.


Money matters come into focus when your ruling planet goes retrograde.  Lessons related to spending, saving and the value you place on things in your life will be presented.  How you make money and the foundation of your security, in general, may be tested or revamped.  Any upsets in your financial flow are only temporary; better times are ahead.


With Saturn going retrograde in your sign, this season will be all about YOU.  You'll be turning a critical eye inward to reexamine your attitude, physical body, and outlook on life.  Be patient with yourself during this time.  Often, the most challenging lessons end up being our greatest reward, and Saturn is ready, willing, and able to assist you in achieving your greatest desires.  


Spirituality and faith in the unseen are up for review this retrograde season.  Are you one with the Creator or merely reveling in creation?  Is your spiritual body in complete misalignment with your physical body?  Saturn retrograde will ask these questions of you.  Rest and recharge your batteries for the next few months when necessary; you'll need all your strength to move forward.



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