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Neptune Retrograde: Seeing Things Clearly

Neptune Retrograde: Seeing Things Clearly

Another month, another retrograde.

Fresh off the heels of Saturn retrograde, which went retrograde back on June 4th, Neptune - the planet of illusion, fantasy, and imagination - is set to go retrograde on June 28th.

Much can be accomplished with Neptune retrograde, as we'll be able to see things for what they truly are.

Let's take a deep dive into the world of Neptune retrograde and what it means for us.

What Does Retrograde Even Mean?

If you're new to astrology, you'll hear or see the term "retrograde" being thrown around, usually in the context of something going wrong or someone's raggedy ex coming back.

Retrogrades are much more than that, however.

Each of the planets in our solar system moves at a particular speed.  Every so often, each planet slows down its rate of speed and eventually stops.  The planet then goes retrograde.  The retrograde phase is when that planet moves so slowly that it appears to be moving backward from our vantage point here on earth.

When a planet is retrograde, the energy of that planet is inwardly directed, reversed, or recalled.  It's as if that planet is sleeping and, therefore, cannot give its full attention and energy to the matters at hand that it governs.

For example, Mercury is associated with communication, short-distance travel, siblings, contracts, and agreements.  When Mercury is retrograde, all of these things will experience delays, slip-ups, accidents, and irregularities.

However, the point or purpose of a retrograde planet isn't just to make our lives more difficult.

Retrograde is a time of REFLECTION.  It allows you to revisit certain things in your life, course-correct, and fine-tune them.  In doing so, you can set yourself up to be in an advantageous position once the retrograde planet stations direct.


Dreamy Neptune

Neptune Direct

Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, illusions, imagination, unconditional love, spirituality, and escaping reality.

Neptune puts a veil over our eyes; things become foggy and unclear.  Under these conditions, we are free to use our imaginations and tap into the realm of the unseen.  There's a dreamy and ethereal nature to Neptune.

The media and movies fall under the realm of Neptune, as they allow us to use our imaginations.  Things such as alcohol, drugs, and anesthesia are also governed by Neptune, as they allow us to escape reality.

There's a definite place in our lives for dreams and fantasies.  These things allow us to tap into our creative abilities to form the world we want to see and experience. 

On the flip side, Neptune makes it very difficult to see things for what they are; when we're caught up in illusions and fantasies, we open ourselves up to things like addiction and being taken advantage of.

With Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, we're feeling all the feels - hope, optimism, imagination, love, etc.  Its energy is very potent.

Neptune Retrograde

When Neptune goes retrograde, we can see the reality of the world around us.  The rose-colored glasses come off, and we see ourselves and those around us in the light of truth. 

This retrograde season will last from June 28th until December 3rd.

Neptune retrograde energy is beneficial to us as it can foster change.  When we see the harsh reality of life, we can decide to create new things that reflect what we want to see.  We can manifest our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

This retrograde season reminds us that certain situations in our lives can't be ignored; Neptune retrograde will give us a swift slap in the face (it won't hurt too bad, though!). 

For example, Neptune retrograde will show you the harsh or ugly truth if you've been ignoring the red flags in a relationship.  While it may be shocking or emotionally triggering, a dose of reality can get you moving in the right direction.

The best advice for this retrograde season?  Have compassion for yourself and others and practice setting healthy boundaries. 

Neptune retrograde is much more helpful than harmful if you're ready for a dose of reality.

Neptune Retrograde in the Signs


Neptune retrograde will show you what limiting beliefs and stories you've been telling yourself that just aren't true.  It's time to see yourself for who you really are, a beautiful spiritual being having a human experience.  Let this retrograde season show you your true nature and unlock your divinity.


Your friendships and goals in life will be highlighted during this retrograde season.  You may see your friends and associates for who they really are and what roles they actually play in your life.  Stop putting your goals and ambitions on a pedestal; they're closer and more attainable than you think.


Those rose-colored glasses you've been wearing concerning your career and public life will be coming off during Neptune retrograde.  Seeing the reality of things will allow you to make real, hopefully lasting, change.  The same goes for your reputation; things may not be as bad or as good as previously perceived.


Spirituality, a legal situation, or upper-level coursework will get a serious reality check.  Now that the fog has lifted, what changes can you make to get ahead or reach a favorable conclusion?  Gurus, teachers, and guides may lose their halo in your eyes; they're human, just like you.


Expect a dose of reality concerning an intimate partnership or shared resources.  This retrograde season may bring unexpected expenses, so try not to freak out too much.  What's lovely about Neptune retrograde for you is that true intimacy can be achieved through vulnerability and honesty.


Relationships and commitments come into the light this retrograde season.  Fundamental issues and concerns will surface, allowing you to make those bonds stronger.  I know you can be nit-picky, so try your best not to lose love or admiration for your partner now that you see how they really are.


Work and health get a reality check during Neptune retrograde.  Have you been ignoring any fires at work, or have you been glossing over any health issues?  From now until December 3rd, you'll have the opportunity to course-correct and make things right.  Acceptance is the first step on the road to change.


For you, Neptune retrograde will allow you to have some fun, but the catch is that you have to be honest about what's in your heart.  If you've ignored your inner child, they will start screaming for attention; listen up.  The time has come to be unapologetically you and follow your heart at all costs.


Home and family are the focus for you during Neptune retrograde.  When it comes to your family members, lineage, and basic emotional needs, you'll be able to see things clearly and precisely for what they are.  This clarity is the first step toward making changes so you can be comfortable and secure.


Your immediate environment, thoughts, communications, and transactions will get a reality check.  Neptune retrograde will allow you to think more clearly and communicate realistically.  Seeing the truth and harsh reality of your neighborhood may spark something within you to start making some changes.


Money matters come into sharp focus over the next few months.  Seeing your money, assets, and what you deem valuable in the light of truth is great for getting on the right track.  Now will be the time to set goals and financial plans, as things won't be so foggy and unclear.


For you, Neptune retrograde will be introspective and reflective.  Issues concerning your body, attitude, self-esteem, and outlook on life will get a dose of reality.  Seeing yourself honestly and authentically allows for positive change and transformation; a new you will emerge over the next few months.



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