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February 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

February 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

All systems are go.

Happy February!

Astrologically speaking, this month appears pretty quiet, save for an important event, which I'll get to a little later.

It's important to note that all planets will be in direct motion after Mercury stations direct on the 3rd. Without any retrogrades, February promises to be a month about moving forward and gaining momentum.

January was definitely a time of reflection, and hopefully, all the lessons that we learned can be put to good use in the immediate future.

Let's take a look at what the month has in store.

The Breakdown

  • New Moon in Aquarius - Feb. 1st
  • Mercury goes direct - Febr. 3rd
  • Mercury goes into Aquarius - Feb. 14th
  • Full Moon in Leo - Feb. 16th
  • Sun moves into Pisces - Feb. 18th
  • U.S. Pluto Return - Feb. 22nd

What better way to begin a new month than with a New Moon? The New Moon in Aquarius allows us to set the foundation for our futures by innovating and thinking outside the box. Uranus in the mix means that we should expect the unexpected.  

After that, on Feb. 3rd, Mercury will station direct after having been retrograde since Jan. 14th. Being in the sign of Capricorn, we'll all be able to get back to business, as communications should run more smoothly.

On Feb. 14th, Mercury makes its way into one of its favorite signs, Aquarius. Being in the sign of its exaltation, Mercury will give us the brainpower to break out the mold. This placement allows science, technology, and subjects like astrology, to thrive.

On Feb. 16th, the Full Moon in Leo will shine a spotlight on what's in our hearts and how we can stand out from the crowd. This Moon promises to be a bit dramatic, in true Leo fashion.  

On Feb. 18th, Pisces season officially begins, and we'll all be swimming in a sea of emotions. We'll all feel the need to wrap things up at that time, as this is the last season of the astrological year.  

Finally, on Feb. 22nd, the U.S. will experience its Pluto return. Astrologers worldwide are chiming in, as the implications of this event will likely be felt far and wide. Pluto governs death, rebirth, and transformation, and that's just a taste of what's in store.  

Horoscopes by Sign


You start the month being social and in the public eye, as you've got a good deal of planetary energy in your houses of career, public life, and friendship. At the New Moon, set intentions geared toward finding your tribe. The Full Moon in Leo will illuminate your heart's truest desires; romance, perhaps? By Pisces season, it will be time to rest, recharge your batteries, and dream; you'll need all your strength for your season next month.


For you, February is about forging a new path in your career. Think outside the box and break the mold; use the energy of the New Moon to get you started. At the Full Moon in Leo, expect issues at home or with family to be illuminated. It may be time to take a leadership role. Come Pisces season, the focus will shift to friends, associations, and goals; allow yourself to dream big and move in the direction of your desires.


The last couple of months have had a spiritual undertone to them for you and this month is no exception. Allow your faith to be renewed and restored in February. The New Moon in Aquarius sets the stage for getting your mind and spirit on the same page. Midmonth may find you busy as a bee during the Full Moon in Leo. Pisces season puts the focus and energy on your career and public life; get out of your head and follow your intuition; it won't steer you wrong.


Transformation is the name of the game for you this month. Whether it be personal or concerning a partner, the energy is ripe for regeneration and rebirth. Use the energy of the New Moon to set intentions related to intimacy or shared resources. At the Full Moon, money matters will come into focus; it may be time to monetize your passions. Pisces season promises adventure and expansion; allow yourself to dream with an open heart and watch how the world responds.


Relationships and intimacy are the focus of the month. Remember that your partnerships don't have to look like everyone else's; do what looks and feels best to you. The New Moon gives you the energy to form a new commitment or change an existing one. Midmonth, you'll step into the spotlight at the Full Moon in Leo; your unique personality will be center stage. Pisces season gets deep, with an emphasis on the mysterious and taboo. Allow yourself to take a deep dive into your emotions.


This month, work and health matters are highlighted, which is right up your alley. Use that big brain of yours to think of unique ways to become more efficient and healthy. The New Moon in Aquarius will give you the fertile soil to plant those seeds. The Full Moon in Leo will illuminate your subconscious self, which may feel a bit uncomfortable; process whatever comes up. Come Pisces season, it will be time to get booed up, or for some, solidify your commitments.


Having fun and being creative are two things you'll want to focus on this month. Follow your heart and let your inner child live a bit; it's time to relax. If you're looking to start a creative endeavor, the energy of the New Moon is ripe for that. Midmonth, the Full Moon in Leo highlights your friendships, goals, and ambitions. Use the information gained at that time to make an informed decision to move forward. Pisces season asks that you use your imagination in your daily work life; things don't have to be so dull.


Home is where the heart is this month. Issues concerning property, your home, or family members step into the light of day. If you're looking to change things in those areas, the New Moon gives you all the energy you'll need. A giant spotlight will shine brightly on your career and public life at the Full Moon in Leo; this may be the time to go out on your own. Come Pisces season, it will be time for fun, romance, and creativity. Above all else, be courageous enough to follow your heart. 


Aquarius season likely finds you busy as a bee with business, some quick trips, or just things around your neighborhood. You may feel like your mind is running a mile a minute with ideas. Use the energy of the New Moon to put those ideas to good use. At the Full Moon, a legal issue or coursework may come center stage; illumination brings clarity. Pisces season has you feeling warm, cozy, and comfortable as things on the homefront take precedence.  


Money and assets are the focus for Aquarius season, and I know you like that! Don't stick to your usual routine or plan; think outside the box and watch your bottom line grow. If you're looking to invest in something new or implement a new financial plan, the New Moon will definitely help you out. At the Full Moon, secrets will be revealed; grab your popcorn and watch what unfolds. Come Pisces season, activities in your daily life will ramp up; being a social butterfly will have immense benefits.


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Of course, this month is all about you! Take the time to plan for your personal year ahead and use the energy of the New Moon to set some goals; change up your look or your attitude. Relationships and commitments are highlighted at the Full Moon. Are you following your heart or just going with the flow? Pisces season puts a focus on money and assets. Allow yourself to dream and fantasize about your finances; this will undoubtedly help you in the long run.  


Happy Birthday, Pisces! The month begins on a quiet note, as you'll be resting, recharging your batteries, and taking stock of what's transpired in the past. Allow the energy of the New Moon to provide the fertile soil to plant seeds of personal growth. The Full Moon illuminates a work or health matter; when you know better, you can do better. Finally, come the 18th, your season officially begins, and the focus shifts towards YOU! Enjoy your time in the Sun and look to the future with optimism.


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