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March's New Moon in Pisces is Exceptional

March's New Moon in Pisces is Exceptional

Positivity is promised.

New Moons have been the monthly openers for the last couple of months, and March is no exception.  Thankfully, this New Moon promises some pretty amazing things.

Our third New Moon of the year takes place on March 2nd in the sign of Pisces, and it will allow us to dream, fantasize, and set new intentions that truly make us feel good.

Pisces is a sign of emotion, sensitivity, intuition, and dreams.  Ruled by Jupiter (traditionally) and Neptune (modernly), Pisces allows us to escape reality and dream BIG. 

Speaking of Jupiter, this New Moon puts Jupiter right in the middle of the action; expect good luck, good fortune, and growth to find you.

This is the New Moon to set lofty intentions and allow your imagination to get in the driver's seat.  If you're looking to manifest some new love or romance in your life, the time is now.

Here's everything you need to know about this New Moon.

The Astrology

New Moons

Astrologically speaking, New Moons are when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, meaning they occupy the same space in the sky.

When this happens, the energies of both luminaries mix together.  The Sun represents our ego and conscious mind, and the Moon represents our emotions and subconscious.  During the New Moon phase, we typically experience a time of complete awareness of our entire selves, inside and out.

The New moon signifies the beginning of the lunar cycle; seeds are planted, and intentions are set.  The slate is wiped clean, and so are we.

Jupiter is Large and In Charge

Jupiter is the reason we can expect good fortune to come our way, thanks to its conjunction with the New Moon.  

Apart from that, Jupiter brings optimism, a renewal of faith, and material and spiritual growth.  Being in the sign of Pisces, spirituality is one of the major themes of this New Moon.

Be mindful, though; whenever Jupiter is involved, it can mean that too much of a good thing isn't always good.  Issues such as greed, excess, and immorality can definitely come up.

Uranus Brings Pleasant Surprises

This New Moon sets the stage for pleasant surprises and fortuitous happenings with a sextile to Uranus.  As always, expect the unexpected, but there's no need to brace yourself for the worst.

Keep in mind that you may need to step out of your comfort zone to benefit from the positivity of this sextile.  

Mercury Conjunct Saturn Makes Things Serious

Although these two planets aren't in direct aspect to the New Moon, the fact that they are conjunct at the time of the New Moon bears mention.

Mercury conjunct Saturn brings the energy of seriousness and responsibility to the party.  Under this aspect, you could be subject to negative thought patterns, criticism, bad news, isolation, or even depression.  With this conjunction going down in the sign of Aquarius, your thoughts are more than likely to be heavy.

Don't allow this energy to overshadow the optimism that Jupiter provides.  Push through; there's always a silver lining.

Venus Conjunct Mars Brings Sexy Back

These two planets have been conjunct since February 16th, and they've been moving forward together ever since.

I love this aspect because its energy trumps the heaviness of Mercury conjunct Saturn.  Expect an increased sex drive, a surge in creative energy, and the desire to be social and enjoy life.

Venus and Mars Conjunct Pluto Makes Things Intense

Adding Pluto to the Mix always intensifies things.  

Expect this New Moon to be filled with passion, strong sexual desires, a bit of jealousy, possessiveness, aggression, a lust for power, and some ruthless behavior.  

New Moon For the Signs


This New Moon is all about resting and recharging.  Your dream state will likely be quite vivid, so pay attention to what comes up.  Take stock of the last year and start planning for your season and solar return, which are right around the corner.  Think and plan, but don't act just yet; there'll be plenty of time for that later.


Dream BIG and set intentions related to your heart's truest desires; don't be afraid to wish upon a star!  You can indeed have the life you've always wanted; you just have to have the courage to go after it.  Allow your friends and associates to help you; you can go farther when you go together.


Set goals and intentions surrounding your career and public life; remember, no dream is too big.  Don't pay any mind to criticism or negative talk at this time.  Use these things as ammunition to propel you forward.  Seeds planted now may turn into a money tree in the near future.


This New Moon may renew your faith and optimism in life.  Do your best to step outside the box and experience something new and exciting; a breath of fresh air will do wonders for your morale.  Allow others to help open your mind; there's no telling where it will take you.


For you, this New Moon is all about empowerment.  Set intentions to achieve more intimacy in a relationship or get your money right.  An unexpected expense may pop up, but don't let it throw a wet blanket on your financial plans.  


This New Moon is all about relationships and commitments.  Suspend your sense of realism and allow yourself to dream and fantasize about your ideal relationship or marriage.  If you plant those seeds now, they'll likely blossom into the relationship you've always wanted.


Use the energy of this New Moon to get organized, efficient, and your health on the right track.  While this may not sound sexy or exciting, there's a lot that can be accomplished in your everyday life if you have the right attitude and allow yourself to think outside the box.


This New Moon urges you to have some fun, be light-hearted and flex your creative muscle.  Now's the perfect time to start any creative projects.  If you are looking to conceive, now's also the time for that.  A pleasant surprise in the romance department may set you on a new course.


Home is where the heart is for this New Moon.  Set intentions related to your home, property, or family.  If you're looking to purchase a home, set those intentions now.  Your responsibilities to your family may take center stage. Try not to get bogged down by obligations; allow yourself to dream.


Use the energy of this New Moon to get your businesses up and running.  Now may be a busy time for you - lots of calls, emails, texts, meetings, etc.  Be social and put yourself out there.  Take a quick trip to refresh your mind.  Doing the legwork now will definitely pay off shortly.


Now's the time to make money moves.  Find and implement new income streams.  Monetize a creative endeavor or hobby.  Save up for or purchase a big-ticket item.  Add a little luxury to your life.  Whatever you do, don't psyche yourself out about it; live a little for once.


This New Moon is all about you!  Set personal goals, reset your life.  Think of who you want to be, what you want to look like, and what you want out of life.  Then, go make it happen!  Your season is coming to an end, so use the energy of this New Moon to keep the party going.


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