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September 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

September 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Harvest time.

Happy September!  Here are the monthly horoscopes for all signs.

September has always been an interesting month.  First, it signals the changing of the seasons.  The fun and sun of summer give way to the harvest and seriousness of autumn.  

Second, September marks the season of harvest. For better or for worse, it's a time when we reap what we've sown.

Thankfully, this month will be pretty mild, astrologically speaking.

Our focus for the better part of the month will be on getting organized, efficient, and healthy while the Sun is in Virgo.  Virgo loves to be of service, and likely, you will too.  Getting grounded, focused, and staying gracious is the name of the game.

On September 6th, the New Moon in Virgo will allow us to look ahead and set intentions for the future, as it will make a harmonious trine to Uranus.  

Things will get a bit intense on September 10th when Venus moves into Scorpio.  Love, money, and relationships will demand a certain level of vulnerability, honesty, and trust from us all.

On September 14th, Mars will move into Libra, and our relationships with others will get a boost of adrenaline.  We may focus on "me" instead of "we" for a bit.

The Full Moon on September 20th, known as the Harvest Moon, will be dreamy and ethereal.  Going down in the sign of Pisces, with a conjunction to Neptune and square to Pluto, this Moon may bring your imagination out to play to change your reality.

The Sun moves into Libra on September 22nd, and as such, our focus shifts towards relationships, and with Mars also placed in Libra, sex.

Finally, we close out the month with a fan favorite...Mercury retrograde on September 27th!  Mercury will also be in Libra, so don't be surprised if old relationships, or relationship patterns, resurface.

Horoscopes by Sign


For you, Aries, September is all about being of service to clients, customers, and work.  Summer is officially over (in the Northern Hemisphere), and it's time to get serious.  Your ruling planet, Mars, spends the first two weeks of the month in Virgo, so take advantage and get busy! By month's end, Libra season will aggressively highlight your relationship sector.

Use the energy of the New Moon on the 6th to set practical and goal-oriented intentions.  Plan with an eye toward details.  The seeds you plant and nurture now will undoubtedly bear prosperous fruit in the future.

Midmonth, sex, relationships, shared resources, and intimacy take center stage.  While getting deep and emotional may not be your thing, they will foster meaningful relationships, which I'm sure is your thing!

The Full Moon in Pisces will find you going within, as it with highlight your 12th house of solitude.  Something buried underneath all your layers may see the light of day.  Allow your imagination to materialize in the real world.

To close out the month, Mercury retrograde will show you where your past or present relationships may have gotten off track.  Communication with partners will be frustrating, so have patience.  A redo of a relationship may not be a bad thing.


Taurus, September brings a focus to your creative side.  While summer may be over, your child-like enthusiasm and need to play are still going strong this month.  Open your heart, be creative, and don't take things too seriously.  There will be plenty of time to get serious when the Sun moves into Libra and highlights your work and health sector.

On September 6th, you'll want to set intentions related to romance, creativity, and children.  If you are hoping to give birth to your dreams or some kids, now would be the time to plant those seeds.

Midmonth, your relationships with coworkers and clients will be highlighted, as well as intimacy between you and a partner.  On the one hand, you'll be motivated to start new work relationships where you can be of service.  On the other hand, your personal relationships may take a deep dive into unchartered territory.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 20th will shine a bright light on friendships and associations, particularly those that may have started around the Pisces New Moon six months ago.  Whatever happens, it may be out of this world.

Finally, Mercury retrograde will have you revisiting a work relationship.  Someone from the past may resurface; maybe now they're ready to get down to business.


Home is where the heart is, Gemini, at least for the better part of September.  Being efficient, getting organized, and perhaps being of service at home and to family is the vibe.  Until Mars transits out of Virgo on the 14th, take advantage by doing some DIY projects.  It will be time to have a little fun and get creative by the month's end.

The New Moon on the 6th will give you the cosmic energy to plant seeds related to your home and family.  With Uranus in the mix on this day, you'll want to keep an open mind and an eye toward the future.

Physical activity, including sex, is a thing mid-month.  Playing sports or exercising will do you some good.  When Venus enters Scorpio, your relationships with coworkers and clients may intensify.  Remember, you only get as good as you give.

On the 20th, the Full Moon in Pisces will highlight your career and public life.  What's been working and what hasn't may come into focus.  

Mercury going retrograde in Libra will affect your communications with lovers and children.  Patience and compassion will be essential.  Also, revisit some old creative ideas or projects; now may be the time to bring them to life.


Cancer, September may have you busy as a bee, flitting about from place to place.  With the Sun in your 3rd house for most of the month, the focus will be on short-term trips, friendship, your local community, siblings, and learning new skills.  Your mental activities will be lit!  Try not to burn out; you'll have time to relax and wind down when the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd.

Keep an open mind when setting intentions during the New Moon on the 6th.  The power in manifesting what you truly desire lies in the powers of your mind.

Be mindful of arguments and aggression at home when Mars moves into Libra.  Tensions may run high, and everyone may be more opinionated and defensive than usual.  When Venus moves into Scorpio, you may want to start dating and playing the field.  This transit is characterized by depth and substance; relationships started under this transit will be anything but superficial.

Long-term priorities, or a legal situation, will be highlighted under the light of the Full Moon on the 20th.  For some, this Moon may mark the end of a course of study.  Regardless, a new path may be shown to you.

Expect communications among family members to become frustrated when Mercury goes retrograde.  Additionally, this period will be great for reflecting on family - past, present, and future.


September brings money matters center stage.  For you, Leo, this month is about the efficient and practical use of your money and resources.  Moreover, this is a great month to implement different little ways of serving others; doing so can positively affect your bottom line.  Come Libra season on the 22nd; your focus will shift towards your daily activities, short-term trips, friends, and neighbors.

Set intentions and plant seeds related to money during the New Moon on the 6th.  You'll want to think outside the box with Uranus in the mix.

Aggression, competition, and conflict among siblings or neighbors are likely when Mars moves into Libra.  With everyone being headstrong and opinionated, arguments may likely ensue.  Keep a level head.  Venus in Scorpio will bring you closer to your family.  It may be time to air out some of the grievances and grudges you may have been holding.

Speaking of holding grudges, the Full Moon on the 20th will undoubtedly have you in your feelings, big time.  The light of the Moon will illuminate your subconscious, where those repressed emotions have been hiding.  Do your best to ride the emotional roller coaster and release what you don't need.

As frustrating as it will be, try to be patient and roll with the punches. For you, Mercury retrograde will have your devices and appliances acting a fool. Transportation will be jacked up as well.  Leave extra early and leave some wiggle room for delays.


Happy Birthday, Virgo!!!  Of course, September is all about YOU! least until Libra season on the 22nd. This would be the time to reinvent yourself.  As much as you are of service to others, take that energy and be a little selfish this month.  By the 22nd, your focus will shift towards money matters, specifically, forging relationships that can help you secure the bag. 

Speaking of reinventing yourself, the New Moon on the 6th is great for setting personal intentions, such as things related to your looks, attitude, and outlook on life.  Futuristic thinking will serve you well.

Try not to get too defensive regarding money and resources mid-month.  Mars in Libra will make you extra competitive, a little combative, and slightly selfish regarding material things.  On a positive note, this transit will also give you an adrenaline rush to work to get that guap (aka money).  Venus in Scorpio will have you playing super-sleuth with siblings and neighbors.  Your need to know the truth can transform those relationships, for better or worse.

Partnerships are highlighted under the light of the Full Moon on the 20th.  The issue may be "you" vs. "them."  Best advice?  Find a suitable middle ground, and everyone wins.

When Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th, be very careful when signing on the dotted line.  Look over contracts, especially those related to money and resources, VERY thoroughly.  If you can, delay it until next month.


Happy Birthday, Libra!!! The first part of the month has you withdrawing and reflecting on yourself. Come the 22nd; it's your time to shine and focus on YOU.  Get all prettied up and watch how you will attract new people in your life, more than you already do! Conserve your energy and get ready for a new revolution around the Sun.

For you, the keyword for the New Moon on the 6th will be "introspection."  Fight the urge to want to do; the focus is to be.  Spend this time alone, get some rest, sleep, and dream.

Midmonth, you'll get an adrenaline rush when it comes to being physical.  Mars will transit into your 1st house of self and give you the physical energy to get out there and express yourself.  Around the same time, Venus will make her way into Scorpio and intensify money matters.  Your deepest emotions concerning your material possessions and values will be highlighted.

The Full Moon on the 20th will spotlight work and health.  How you truly feel about what you do for work may surface.  For some, your feelings will clue you into a health issue.  

Mercury retrograde will make expressing yourself a bit challenging.  The likelihood of being misunderstood will be high.  Take the next few weeks to reflect on yourself and what personal improvements are necessary.


Friendship and associations are a thing for you this month, Scorpio.  Showing up for your friends will be necessary to you and vice versa.  While Mars is still in Virgo, making new friends will be a priority.  Once the Sun transits into Libra on the 22nd, it will be time to withdraw from the world, rest, and recharge as your season will be right around the corner.

You'll want to use the energy of the New Moon on the 6th to plant seeds and intentions related to your dreams and ambitions.  No dream is too big, Scorpio!  With Uranus in the mix, keep your eyes on the future and leave room for pleasant surprises.

When Mars enters Libra on the 14th, your sleep patterns may be disturbed.  You'll either want to sleep more than usual or experience insomnia.  Anything you've swept under the rug regarding emotions will likely come to the surface to be dealt with.  Have patience with yourself.  Venus will be moving into your sign mid-month, and as such, you will experience an extra boost of magnetism and charm; if you're looking to snag a new partner, Venus will definitely help make that happen.

The Full Moon on the 20th will highlight your creativity and emotions surrounding romance, dating, and children.  Things may not be what they seem, and your emotions may take you far from reality.  Do your best to stay grounded, and things will work out for the best.

Mercury retrograde for you will feel like anticipation.  It's like you can feel something is coming, but you're not sure what.  Your life is being restructured behind the scenes.  Best advice?  Relax and listen to your intuition.


For you, Sag, September is all about your career and public life.  How can you be of service to your organization?  What can you do better and more efficiently for your fans and followers?  These are the questions that this month will ask of you.  By the time Libra season rolls around, you will be focused on forging new relationships and networking with like-minded individuals.

Set career goals and intentions during the New Moon on the 6th.  Set pen to paper and write out business or career plans with the future in mind.  New and innovative ideas should be a part of those plans.

Mars in Libra will not only have you networking like a beast, but it may also cause arguments and competition among your friends.  While you shouldn't neglect your needs and desires, be mindful of your intentions and motivations behind your friendships.  Venus in Scorpio may find you hibernating when it comes to relationships.  For some, this season will bring a secret love affair.

Issues and emotions concerning home and family will be highlighted under the light of the Full Moon on the 20th.  Repressed emotions concerning family, lineage, and the past are likely to surface.  Do your best to process whatever comes up.

The month ends on a weird note, especially among friends and associates, with Mercury going retrograde in Libra.  Some of you may have old friends come back into the fold.  Others may find your communication with current friends frustrating, wrought with misunderstandings, and generally uncomfortable.


For you, Cap, September brings a serious taste for adventure and a desire to broaden your horizons. Your regular routine just won't do; the world will be your playground.  If you can, take a trip to an exotic locale.  If you can't get away now, add something different and exciting to your daily routine.  When the Sun makes its way into Libra, it will be time to get down to business.  Your career and public life sector will be lit, and that's just how you like it!

On the 6th, use the energy of the New Moon to book a trip someplace you've never been, commence a legal proceeding, enroll in a course, or expand your mind.   

Midmonth, your drive and ambition will get a serious kick in the ass when Mars moves into Libra.  You'll have the energy, stamina, and willpower to achieve your career and business goals.  However, this energy rush may rub bosses or authority figures the wrong way, so be mindful of arguments.  With Venus making her way into Scorpio, you'll want to network and communicate with people who share your values and ideals.  You'll likely bond with these people on a deep and substantial level.

An issue with siblings or neighbors may come to light under the Full Moon on the 20th.  Emotions will undoubtedly run high.  Do your best to work through whatever comes up.

Misunderstandings at work are what Mercury retrograde will bring for you.  Double or triple-check any emails you send out, and for God's sake, make sure you don't accidentally hit "reply all"!


Aquarius, September has you thinking about making substantial changes in your life.  You may be hyper-focused on sex and intimacy.  For some, the first part of the month will be about spring cleaning your psyche and removing all the junk that no longer serves you.  By Libra season on the 22nd, you will shift gears and focus on expanding your mind by learning new and exciting things.

The New Moon on the 6th is perfect for setting intentions related to transformation.  If there's an area of your life where you desire to change or eradicate certain bad habits, this Moon will give you the energy you need to plant those seeds.

Mars in Libra will have you highly motivated to broaden your horizons.  Forging new relationships with people of different cultures or who live in different countries will definitely be a thing.  This may give you some much-needed excitement in your life.  When Venus makes her way into Scorpio, you can be sure that you will be attracted to the right people who can help you get ahead in your career.  These relationships can completely transform your situation, so be receptive.

Mercury retrograde will allow you to fine-tune the long-term plans in your life. Usually, when you think about the future, you think in broad strokes.  Focus more on the details and watch the bigger picture come to life right before your eyes for the next few weeks.


September finds you focusing on relationships and commitments.  This isn't just in the romantic sense, Pisces.  This includes things to which you commit yourself.  This month, the question to answer is, "to what am I giving my energy, and is it serving me?"  Come Libra season, you'll have sex, intimacy, and transformation on the brain.  Merging with others, whether physically or concerning your resources, will take center stage.

The New Moon on the 6th will allow you to set intentions related to partnerships.  With Uranus in the mix, think differently if you want different types of partnerships to show up in your reality.

Midmonth, your libido will receive a boost of adrenaline when Mars transits into Libra.  Your desire to scratch that sexual itch will be at an all-time high.  Just be mindful of coming off too strong or aggressive. Venus in Scorpio will attract you to new and different music, food, cultures, and even people.  Allow yourself to experience and appreciate the exotic. 

Certain things about yourself that have been lying dormant under the surface will see the light of day under the Full Moon on the 20th.  Part of your personality you didn't know existed will come into play.  While this may trigger some deeply-seated emotions, it's time to let your entire self shine.

Finally, Mercury retrograde allows you to redo and reassess your finances, especially concerning loans, taxes, and the like.  You'll do well to spend the next three weeks redeploying debts and reallocating resources.


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