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The August Blue Moon is the Best Full Moon of the Year

The August Blue Moon is the Best Full Moon of the Year

This Full Moon in Aquarius is arguably the best Full Moon of the year.

Sunday's Full Moon is not only a rare occurrence but will bring a lot of positivity and good fortune. 

You'll want to take full advantage of this fantastic energy by networking, taking a trip, if possible, and engaging with people you might usually avoid or ignore.  Fate will be working overtime.

You might also want to consider gambling, playing the lotto, or doing something out of the ordinary.  Risk-taking is favored under this Full Moon!  

But before we get into all that, let's get technical.  

What is a Blue Moon?

I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "once in a blue moon," which describes an event or behavior that rarely happens.  

There are two ways a moon can be classified as a "blue" moon: calendrical and seasonal.  

A calendrical blue moon is when there are two full moons in a calendar month.  For example, the last time we had a calendrical blue moon was on October 31st, 2020 (which I'm sure many of you remember).  We had book-end Full Moons that month - one in Aries on October 1st and one in Taurus on October 31st.  

Calendrical blue moons are the most popular and well-known.

By contrast, a seasonal blue moon is the third moon in the astronomical season with four full moons.  

Each season has three months and therefore has three full moons. However, a season may have four full moons every two or three years, which would be classified as a blue moon.

Tomorrow's Full Moon is a blue moon for that very reason.  It's the 4th full moon of the season.

So, while calendrical blue moons are rare, seasonal blue moons are even rarer.  

The Astrology

Apart from being the rarest of the rare, the astrology of tomorrow's Full Moon is also exceptional.  Here's the rundown:

  • Moon conjunct Jupiter
  • Sun opposite Jupiter
  • Sun at 29° Leo
  • Grand trine between Saturn, Venus, and the North Node
  • Four planets in their home signs

Moon conjunct Jupiter: The Moon represents our emotions, and with Jupiter in the mix, we'll feel hopeful, optimistic, happy, and comfortable.  Now would be the time to do something majorly different in your life.

Sun opposite Jupiter: Although oppositions are considered harsh, this opposition is very positive.  Even further, this aspect is extra special, with the Sun in its home sign of Leo.  Expect good fortune, success, and plenty of positive opportunities.

Sun at 29° Leo:  This is one of the most POWERFUL degrees in astrology.  The star Regulus is at this degree of Leo, and this star is all about celebrity power.  Transits at this degree give your life a real celebrity status and feeling. The 29th degree is called the "critical degree," which signifies major transitions.

Grand Trine between Saturn, Venus, and the North Node: Grand trines are all about positive, benevolent energy.  Saturn is in its home sign of Aquarius, Venus is in its home sign of Libra, and the North Node is in Gemini, making this a grand air trine.  Expressing yourself and your desires becomes easier.  Difficult things become easier, and money, love, and connections take on a stabilizing and lasting quality.  Fated conversations can change your life at this time.

Four Planets in Their Home Signs: Planets in their home signs perform better because they're comfortable.  The Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune are all operating at their best, making this Full Moon's backdrop super sweet.

Keep in mind that the energy of this Full Moon will stick around for the next two weeks.  

Full Moon for the Signs


Get ready for the limelight!  Expect to stand out from the crowd and garner some much-deserved attention.  You might want to gamble or play the lotto this weekend, as some prize money could be coming your way.  Being social pays off handsomely and could change your life for the better.  


Things at home and work will enjoy a boost of positive energy.  When it comes to your career, you'll be happy and optimistic, so now may be an excellent time to take a (calculated) risk.  Expect good fortune to find you as money and resources start to flow.  Ask for what you need, and you'll get it.


Being your usual gregarious self will pay off.  Not only will you stand out and shine, but fated conversations and encounters can change your life for the better.  Share what you know and be receptive to what others have to teach you.  Taking a personal trip would be in your best interest at this time.


Money is looking excellent for you, and there's no reason why you shouldn't feel hopeful about your finances.  New money-making opportunities can materialize at this time.  Secret conversations behind the scenes are taking place and will help you in the long run. 


Prepare to be treated like a king (or queen)!  As much as you love being the star and center of attention, you will get your fill under the light of this Full Moon.  The relationships in your life - existing and upcoming - are precious, long-lasting, and life-changing.  Get out there and socialize and let those you love know you care.


Your wellness - physical, emotional, and spiritual - take center stage.  This Full Moon can and will bring healing and positivity to your life.  If it's stability that you're seeking, take a financial risk; it will pay off handsomely.  A positive attitude will do much more for you now than at any other time.


Allow your creativity to shine.  If you desire it, go after it; don't be afraid to be a little risky.  Expect to feel romantic, warm, and fuzzy.  Something extraordinary may happen with your children; remember that the apples don't fall far from the tree.


Bosses and authority figures take extra notice of you in a good way.  An unexpected promotion may be on the horizon!  Things at home are happy and optimistic.  Secret conversations aren't bad; the Universe is conspiring for your good.


It's time to be vocal and exercise that throat chakra.  A conversation with a sibling or neighbor will go better than expected.  The relationships in your life will get a boost of positive energy; allow fate to step in.  A legal situation or exam goes well.


Money and resources are looking great, which suits you just fine.  As a matter of fact, between work and money, you are killing it right now!  Networking will only improve things, so get out there and be social for once.  A previous financial risk may finally be paying off.  


Much like Leo, you are shining brightly under the light of this Full Moon, and everyone is taking notice.  A romantic encounter or a conversation with a child can open your eyes and change your life.  Speak up and share your thoughts with your partner; they may be more inclined to listen now.


Physical and emotional healing is here for you now, and things will get remarkably better.  Your customers and coworkers hold you in high regard on the work front.  Keep your eyes and ears open for a chance encounter or conversation that will blow your mind and set you on a new path.


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