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October 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

October 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Full steam ahead.

Happy October!

This month there will be a noticeable shift in energy, one that will finally have us moving forward.

The Breakdown

For the last few months, we've had several planets in retrograde, and as I'm writing this horoscope, there are currently six retrograde planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

By the end of October, four of those six planets will station direct, and at that time, we'll be moving forward, full steam ahead.

Our focus for the better part of the month will be on relationships, specifically making new ones and restoring balance in existing ones. Libra, as a cardinal air sign, is charming, charismatic, and relationship-oriented.  It follows that this month, those themes will be relevant to all of us.

On October 6th, the New Moon in Libra will allow us to boldly and fearlessly begin new phases in our relationships.  This New Moon will be a bit volatile, so caution is necessary.

That same dayPluto will station direct after having been retrograde for the last six months.  Transformation will now be directed externally, and we'll begin to see significant changes in our surroundings.

When Venus moves into Sagittarius on October 7th, we'll be urged to embark upon romantic adventures and learn to love universally.

On October 10th, Saturn will station direct after having been retrograde since May.  With a focus on innovation and ingenuity, Saturn direct will allow us to stabilize and structure ourselves to have a rewarding future.

Both Mercury and Jupiter will station direct on October 18th Mercury in Libra will finally give our relationships a break and make communication great again.  Jupiter in Aquarius will have us thinking about the future in a BIG way and give us the positive push to make things happen.

The Full Moon in Aries on October 20th, known as the Hunter's Moon, will illuminate and reveal any imbalances in our relationships, particularly where we may be shortchanging ourselves.  With Saturn in the mix, we'll be learning difficult lessons but gaining valuable experience and wisdom.

Scorpio season officially begins on October 23rd, and at that time, our collective focus will shift toward intimacy, the truth, and things considered taboo.

Finally, we close out the month with Mars, the planet of aggression and conflict, moving into its home sign of Scorpio on October 30th.  Expect things to get real and our emotions to be super intense.

Horoscopes by Sign


Forming, maintaining, and fostering intimacy within your relationships is the focus this month.  If you're looking for a new partner, business or personal, set the intention at the New Moon on the 6th.  Expect a shift in perspective from "we" to "me" by the time the Full Moon rolls around on the 20th.   

Intimacy and adventure are definitely a thing this month.  Venus in Sagittarius will have you feeling like taking a chance on love in a big way; perhaps it's time for a baecation.  When your ruling planet, Mars, makes its way into Scorpio, your sexual desire will be on fire.

Expect your career, ambitions, and commitments to do an about-face once Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter station direct.  By month's end, you'll see and sense noticeable changes concerning your work, new and beneficial associations forming, and increased and effective communication with those closest to you. 


This month,  your focus will be directed towards your daily responsibilities, your health, and your commitments.  If you want to make positive changes to your daily routine and overall physical wellbeing, use the energy of the New Moon on the 6th to set those intentions in motion.  Things will slow down, and some alone time will be a must at the Full Moon on the 20th.

Unsurprisingly, your relationships, and the intimacy within them, come into serious focus this month.  First, when Venus makes her way in Sagittarius, it will be time for you to get adventurous in the bedroom, and Tantric sex may be worth exploring.  Next, Mars in Scorpio at the end of the month may signify a call to take action in your relationships; do something new, bold, and exciting.  Just be mindful of how this may affect your partner.

Expect a noticeable shift in energy this month when Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter station direct.  If you've been feeling stuck and stifled these last few months, especially concerning your career and work, things will finally be moving forward.


October is somewhat of a paradox for you, Gemini.  On the one hand, you'll want to have fun and be creative.  On the other hand, you'll want to get serious, organized, and responsible. Both can coexist.  Give birth to your heart's most genuine desires at the New Moon on the 6th.  At the Full Moon on the 20th, your friendships and associations will be illuminated; it might be time to put yourself first.

When Venus moves into Sagittarius, expect love, romance, and commitment to take on a blunt and straightforward nature.  Mars in Scorpio will have you burning to start new work projects, a new exercise regime, or focus on your physical health.

By the end of the month, your search for the truth, especially regarding your desires, will experience a radical shift when Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter station direct.  The inner reflection you've been doing for the last couple of months may finally start to make sense, and you can now take that knowledge out into the world and effect real change.


For you, Cancer, October shines a spotlight on your domestic affairs and your creativity.  Home is where the heart is, and this month you are being urged to follow your heart above all else.  If you want to change your living situation or family dynamic, set the intention at the New Moon on the 6th.  By the Full Moon on the 20th, it will be time to crawl out of your shell and embrace your public life.

Seeking harmony at work and with coworkers will be the focus once Venus moves into Sagittarius.  Understanding one another is the key to making things work.  Mars in Scorpio brings the heat to romantic encounters and relationships with children.  Be mindful of aggression and conflict over the next few weeks.

Radical changes concerning how you show up in relationships, your repressed emotions concerning intimacy, and your private life have been happening on a subconscious level.  Now that Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter will be stationing direct, prepare for your outer world to be completely transformed.


October is a month filled with busy activities and some quiet time at home. Socializing with neighbors, community, projects, and short-distance trips are the focus for most of the month.  When the Sun moves into Scorpio, expect to feel some intensity at home; things may be changing.  The New Moon on the 6th allows you to start a new cycle by learning a new skill that will prove valuable in the future.  At the Full Moon on the 20th, you'll be ready to ditch all the recent busyness and have some fun; take a leap of faith.

Speaking of taking a leap of faith, once Venus makes her way in Sagittarius, that's precisely what you'll want to do when it comes to dating.  Relax, have fun, and be adventurous.  For those with children, consider broadening their horizons with something new and exciting.  Mars in Scorpio will turn up the intensity at home, so be mindful of arguments, conflict, and power struggles.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of reflection and reevaluation, especially concerning work, health, and commitments.  With Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter now stationing direct, these areas of your life will be given a serious jolt; it's time to move forward.


Much like Leo, October promises to be a busy month for you as well; there are money moves to be made.  Forming the right alliances will help you secure the bag and satisfy you on a deeper level.  Use the energy of the New Moon on the 6th to set financial plans in motion.  Settle any outstanding debts or financial obligations at the Full Moon on the 20th; this month is all about getting your finances in order.

As applied to your familial relationships, truth, faith, and understanding is the theme while Venus is in Sagittarius. Rise above the mundane issues and tap into the real meaning of love.  While things may be peaceful at home, they might get hectic in your neighborhood when Mars enters Scorpio.  When they say, "the block is hot," they aren't kidding!  If you feel the need to throw down, channel that energy into something constructive instead.

Getting ahead when it came to work, your health, creative endeavors, or your money have been frustrated with so many planets in retrograde.  This period has forced you to look within and see what part you've played in everything.  Now that Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter are stationing direct, it's go time.  Use what you've learned to change your circumstances for the better.


Happy Birthday, Libra!  Of course, October is all about YOU!  It's your season, which means that it's your time to shine.  Focus on yourself for once.  By the time Scorpio season rolls around, your focus will shift towards money and where to find it.  Set personal intentions and life goals at the New Moon on the 6th; it's your personal new year, so start it off right.  At the Full Moon on the 20th, your relationships and commitments will be illuminated.  

There's so much diversity when it comes to those around you - meaning in your immediate environment.  Venus in Sagittarius urges you to explore the differences between you and your neighbors, to learn what universal love truly means.  By the time Mars enters Scorpio, you'll feel like taking bold moves to make some money.  Try not to be too impulsive; think things through before taking radical action.

These last few months may have felt uncomfortable for you, as you were forced to look within and reflect on your private life, home, family, and yourself.  Retrograde has a way of holding a mirror up to ourselves.  Now that Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter are all stationing direct, you can turn that focus outward and finally get things in motion.


Happy Birthday, Scorpio!  October begins with some quiet time and reflection; you've likely been resting up in anticipation of your season.  By the 23rd, it's all about YOU!  Celebrate yourself and enjoy another revolution around the Sun.  The New Moon on the 6th may find you sleepier than usual.  If you feel the need to rest, listen to your body.  At the Full Moon on the 20th, a health issue or work responsibility may grab your attention to show you that taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance.

Step outside the box when it comes to money when Venus moves into Sagittarius.  Foreign affairs or a different income stream may be just what is necessary to get those funds up.  When Mars transits into your first house at month's end, your drive, ambition, and libido will be at an all-time high.  Be mindful of being overly aggressive or pushy, as conflict and fights will undoubtedly ensue.

Radical changes that you haven't been able to see have been taking place over the last few months.  It's like the cosmos have set things up to give you a do-over, especially concerning your spirituality and private life.  Now that Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter are stationing direct, those changes will come front and center.


For you, October begins with friendships and associations.  Linking up with like-minded people who share your same values will definitely be a thing.  By Scorpio season on the 23rd, your focus will shift inward. It will be time to rest and recharge before your season begins next month.  Use the energy of the New Moon on the 6th to find your tribe.  Use the energy of the Full Moon on the 20th to put your greatest creations and your heart out there; there's no need to be afraid.

When Venus makes her way into your 1st House on the 7th, expect your charm and magnetism to be at an all-time high.  Being uniquely you will definitely have its benefits.  Mars in Scorpio on the 30th urges you to be cautious; there may be hidden aggression and conflict around you.

By the end of the month, when Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter station direct, you'll be able to make moves and start to see noticeable changes concerning your goals, associations, money, and daily activities.  That previously-felt stagnancy will give way to a sense of clarity and drive to move forward.


Not surprisingly, October begins with a focus on career and public life, which suits you just fine.  Getting in with the right people and making the right impression with fans and followers will be essential.  Come Scorpio season on the 23rd, your focus will shift towards the gains you've acquired from those career associations.  Enjoy the spoils of your labor.  Set new work goals at the New Moon on the 6th; remember, having assistance from the right people is crucial.  At the Full Moon on the 20th, your private life will become illuminated; perhaps it's time to get vocal about what you need at home.

Venus in Sagittarius promises to give you a broader perspective on love, equality, truth, and faith.  A spiritual experience may shift your focus in a significant way.  On the other hand, Mars in Scorpio promises to bring aggression, competition, and conflict among your friends and associates.  Try to avoid arguments and fights at all costs.

Radical changes have been occurring subconsciously for you, especially concerning your career, public life, identity, and assets.  Now that Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter will be stationing direct, you can expect radical changes to be experienced in your outer world.  You'll feel like you can finally move forward and get back to business.


Travel, adventure, newness, and optimism will be a big part of October for you, Aquarius.  You start out the month broadening your horizons and learning new things.  On the 23rd, when the Sun moves into Scorpio, it will be time for you to get to work; career, public life, and your status in the world will take center stage.  At the New Moon on the 6th, you'll want to set intentions related to legal proceedings, higher education, and long-distance travel.  At the Full Moon on the 20th, you'll want to focus on your neighborhood, community, or siblings.

Venus in Sagittarius brings gains, good fortune, and the right people to you if you think and act outside the box.  Mars in Scorpio brings competition, aggression, and conflict with superiors, authority figures, fans, and followers.  Be mindful of starting fights; channel that energy elsewhere.

Your perspective on life, yourself, and the world at large has been undergoing an overhaul during this retrograde period.  Now that Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter will all be stationing direct, take that new perspective and apply it going forward. It will be full steam ahead; don't worry, you're ready.


For you, October is all about intimacy, shared resources, legal proceedings, long-distance travel, or all of the above.  Regardless, things may feel larger than life this month.  Use the energy of the New Moon on the 6th to take care of debts and financial obligations; setting and sticking to a new financial plan may be just what you need right now.  At the Full Moon on the 20th, your personal finances will come into focus, and it may be time to get more aggressive and driven to secure the bag.

Venus in Sagittarius brings harmony at work, especially concerning superiors and authority figures.  Finding common ground on which everyone can relate is vital.  Mars in Scorpio may fire up a legal proceeding or may cause competition in class.  Do your best to keep your cool and try not to play dirty; what goes around comes around.

Your intimate relationships and friendships have undoubtedly felt stagnant during this retrograde period.  Additionally, you may have been spending more time than usual reflecting and playing scenarios on loop in your head.  All of that will come to an about-face when Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter station direct this month. By the end of October, you'll notice a significant shift in these areas of your life, and you'll feel ready to move forward successfully.


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