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October's Full Moon in Aries is the Final Showdown

October's Full Moon in Aries is the Final Showdown

Things will come to a head, but success is promised.

If you've been keeping up with my posts on Instagram and videos on YouTube, you'll know that relationships have been challenging over the last few weeks, and the energy surrounding them has been volatile.

First, Mercury retrograde in Libra has forced us to reflect on our relationships, mainly how we show up in them.  People, places, and things from our past have been popping up to show us a few things, namely, what's necessary to keep things balanced and maintain peace.

Next, the New Moon in Libra gave us a clean slate in said relationships, but not without torching them first.  A conjunction with Mars made things combative and intense, and this New Moon was all about purification through fire.

Keeping with the theme and very on-brand, Venus conjunct the South Node (with a sextile to Pluto) showed us just how much our views and beliefs concerning relationships have evolved or not.  This transit may have caused serious shakeups, breakups, and f*ckups.  

Now, we've come to an end; the finale, the final showdown, the battle royale in relationship land. This Full Moon in Aries continues to bring the heat, but there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for those who can make it through the last round. 

The Astrology

The Sun in Libra will be opposite the Moon in Aries, which creates a tug of war kind of energy between our emotions and our ego.  The Aries/Libra axis is all about ourselves, on one end, and our relationships on the other.

The Sun and Moon will each be at 27°, which is the degree associated with Gemini.   As such, the way we think and communicate with others will be the focus.  However, be mindful of your mind playing tricks on you.

Much like the New Moon, which occurred two weeks ago, Mars plays a vital role in this week's Full Moon.  It's no coincidence that Mars, the ruler of Aries, the sister sign to Libra, takes center stage. 

Mars urges us to put ourselves first, fight for what we want, and be convicted about it.  Its placement in Libra makes for a lot of passive-aggressiveness as opposed to outright fighting.

Mars will be conjunct the Sun in Libra, square Pluto, and trine Jupiter, and the keyword for these placements is EGO.  It follows that Mars will be opposite the Moon in Aries.  These aspects will have us feeling selfish, ego-driven, and less than inclined to be cooperative or people-please.  

To further stir the pot, add a dash of power struggles and control freaky-ness, thanks to the Moon square Pluto.  

It goes without saying that this Full Moon is volatile.  Things can, and likely will, pop off at a moment's notice.  All of us need to keep our cool and try to diffuse things before situations turn explosive.

As for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  If your relationship can last through this last bout of volatility, it will be stronger than ever.

Full Moon for the Signs


"It's all about you" this Full Moon, at least that's what your partner or others will say.  Having your needs met and getting what you want may be the spark that causes a fire in your relationships, and seeing things from the other person's perspective may help diffuse the situation.


Clients and coworkers may work your last nerve, and the Full Moon may show you that it's time to pull back a bit.  You need to consider your own needs for a change. Let everyone down easy, and you may be able to avoid an all-out battle.


This Full Moon may cause conflicts with friends and associates as you balance your desire to belong and your ability to stand apart from the crowd.  An authority figure drops a bomb on the situation that changes everything.  


This Full Moon is a tug of war between work and home, and your commitments to both may be the underlying issue.  While you can't necessarily choose one over the other, you may want to tweak how you carry out those commitments and obligations.


Faith and spirituality are the battlegrounds for you during this Full Moon.  What you know and what you believe may be at odds, and you'll finally be able to recognize that.  Now that you are aware, it's time to take action.  Finding a suitable middle ground is really the best of both worlds.


Sparks may fly between you and others over money and resources.  Everyone has their own idea of what should go where and who owns what.  For some, a child or creative endeavor plays a significant part in all this.  Whatever happens, don't take a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


You and your partner (business or personal) may come to blows during this Full Moon, so watch out.  Whether it's selfish behavior or people-pleasing, the relationship has been imbalanced for a while, and the Full Moon will show you that.  Being honest can definitely set things right.


This Full Moon may show you the true motives behind your service to others.  Maybe it's time to tip the scales and do things for the sake of doing them rather than for personal satisfaction.  Changes to your environment will be eye-opening.  


Your desire to be autonomous and independent may not sit well with friends or associates, and someone may feel threatened.  Before the situation escalates, try to see things from their perspective.  No one is saying you need to conform, but understanding can go a long way in this situation.


Being the king of your own castle doesn't necessarily translate to your career.  Authority figures may not recognize your "royalty," and conflict most definitely will ensue.  This Full Moon illuminates the fact that you've changed, and that's a good thing.  Try to keep the peace, though.


Being headstrong about what you know, as opposed to being receptive to other points of view, may rub people the wrong way, and this Full Moon will bring this issue to a head.  Spirituality plays a huge, transformative role in all this, and balance is key.


Your money, assets, or values - and your stubborn attitude towards them - rub a partner or the bank the wrong way.  What's yours is definitely yours, but they may disagree.  Do your best to avoid destructive behavior and think before taking any impulsive actions.


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