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Astrology Explained: The Midheaven

Astrology Explained: The Midheaven

The Midheaven, or MC, is the highest point on the horizon that any planet may reach, and it can be found at the top of your natal chart. Like your rising sign, it’s an outward expression of your personality. 

Your MC's sign indicates the spirit, caliber, and fervor of your professional aspirations. 

The most popular house system, Placidus, uses the 10th house cusp as the degree of the Midheaven. Other house systems, such as the Whole Sign system, can chart your Midheaven anywhere between the 8th and 12th houses. Go with the one you most resonate with. 

Typically, this is the beginning of the tenth house of career and public image, which refers to your social position, public identity, and professional path.

The opposite angle of the Midheaven is called the Imum Coeli or IC, and it represents your most private traits not well known to the public.

Additionally, the Midheaven is associated with your career or "life path" and might represent your reputation and social standing. 

It refers to your long-term objectives and sense of duty. It stands for your higher aspirations. Additionally, it might stand in for a boss or another authority figure in your life.

Your profession or vocation, your attitude toward success, and your understanding of what people (or society) expect from you can all be described by the sign of the midheaven.

The Midheaven Signs


The general public perceives you as creative, autonomous, and indifferent to professional connections. To make your life easier and to assist you in taking care of business, so you don't have to do it alone, you need a partner since Libra is on your IC.


People frequently assume that you need money, are money driven, are possessive, or are sluggish. The real you, however, is devoted, deeply emotional, easily hurt, and passionately loyal when Scorpio is on your IC.


People assume you are restless because you frequently change jobs, dart from one place to another, and move from one home to another. Additionally, people perceive you as being very talkative and perpetually attempting to impart knowledge. However, you tend to hoard much of your knowledge because Sagittarius is on the cusp of the fourth house. The truth is something you truly want to share with the world, but you tend to keep it to yourself.


People perceive you as caring and inclined to look out for people close to you. You enjoy becoming the world's mother. You also benefit from popular approval. However, with Capricorn on your IC, you are actually quite reclusive in your personal life and find it difficult to communicate how you feel to others. You are in control and are capable of caring for yourself. You want to be treated with respect and do not want people to judge you.


People assume you are amusing, imaginative, self-assured, theatrical, and outgoing when they first meet you. But you feel extremely different since Aquarius is on your IC. You experience an odd, outsider feeling. You are also distant and solitary. You dislike getting personally involved in the affairs of the world. You identify as a "loner."


People believe that you enjoy your work. Because you are meticulous, well-organized, rational, and even scientific, they might even assume that you are a workaholic. But Pisces is on your IC, so you privately dream. You are an individual who is imaginative, idealistic, artistic, and even selfless. You shield others from seeing your sensitivity and fragility.


You appear to be everyone's friend, and you work well with the general population. Additionally, it appears that you have artistic talent, care about justice, and avoid conflict with people. However, with Aries on your IC, you always put your needs first in private. When you are alone or at home, you always take care of your own business. Actually, you're incredibly autonomous. Many of the goals you have for your life are ones you set forth on your own, without the assistance or intervention of others.


Others may perceive you as mysterious or intense. You are wary of strangers and do not want anyone to bother you. If they do, they could end up regretting it or possibly getting harmed. You are someone who is greatly interested in beautiful things like art, music, and attractive people, yet, with Taurus on your IC. You enjoy unwinding with loved ones and friends, especially over meals. Your pleasures are commonplace and down to earth.


People perceive you as being bold, generous, spiritual, and pious. They also notice how adventurous, self-reliant, and fun you are. However, with Gemini on the edge of your IC, you are actually a teacher (perhaps of spiritual subjects), a communicator, and a gatherer of thoughts and data. You never stop learning new things and passing on your knowledge to others. Additionally, you might relocate frequently.


You appear to be a professional. You seem to be in charge, or at the very least, bossy. You might come across as serious, conventional, and respectable. Even at social events and parties, you are difficult for people to approach in public. However, with Cancer on the cusp of your IC, you have a sensitive, maternal, protecting, or at the very least, parental disposition. You can also look after yourself.


You exude friendliness, and most people think you're a wonderful humanitarian. Regarding social matters, you appear to have a fairly open mind. However, with Leo on your IC, you are an internally ambitious individual who craves a lot of praise and affirmation. You feel unique and fortunate to have so many talents. You have a great deal of self-worth and usually need adoration. Your ego cannot tolerate being overlooked or disregarded.


People perceive you as someone who is deeply concerned about what happens to humanity. You come across as a reserved individual with a keen sense of empathy for others and even the appearance of selflessness. You're always modest, and you typically downplay your skills and qualities. However, with Virgo on your IC, you can't seem to get enough of working. You value your health, detest filth and germs, and when you're not feeling well, you become very moody. You take pride in the type of worker you are, your attention to detail, and your organizational skills.


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