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October 2023 Monthly Horoscopes

October 2023 Monthly Horoscopes

Eclipse Season Unleashed.

Buckle up, buttercup.  We’ve officially entered eclipse season.  Eclipses are nothing to fear, despite what society will have you believe. Instead, it’s a time to surrender to our destined paths and relinquish control.

Let’s take a look at what October has in store for us.

The Breakdown

  • Mercury enters Libra - October 4th
  • Venus enters Virgo - October 8th
  • Pluto goes direct in Capricorn - October 10th
  • Mars enters Scorpio - October 12th
  • Solar Eclipse in Libra - October 14th
  • Mercury enters Scorpio - October 22nd
  • Sun enters Scorpio - October 23rd
  • Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - October 28th

  • We begin the month with Mercury entering Libra on October 4th.  Mercury allows us to be diplomatic, peace-seeking, and friendly in this sign.  This is an excellent transit to mend relationships and to get things back into balance.

    On October 8th, Venus enters Virgo.  Venus had an extended stay in Leo; this month, she finally gets a much-needed energy shift.  In this placement, Venus allows us to get our money in order and to be of service to others.

    Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on October 10th.  At this time, we’ll begin to see our outer realities transform after months of working on ourselves internally.  Expect to see the effects of this transit playing out in real-time.  

    On October 12th, Mars enters its home sign of Scorpio.  Expect things to get steamy and spicy over the next few weeks.  Your interest in the darker side of life will be piqued.  

     On October 14th, we’ll have our first eclipse of the month in Libra.  A solar eclipse occurs during the new moon phase, which means new beginnings….on steroids.  In Libra, this eclipse is ushering in a new era of relationships.

    Mercury enters sultry Scorpio on October 22nd.  In this sign, Mercury allows us to get substantive in our thinking and communication; superficial just won’t do.  The veil is super thin, so otherworldly conversations are on the menu.

    On October 23rd, Scorpio season officially begins.  With the Sun in this sign, we intentionally take a deep dive into our psyche, and anything else for that matter.  This is the season where we uncover the truth, for better or worse.

    We close the month with a lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28th.  This eclipse is the last word in the last chapter of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse season that began in late 2021.  The lesson has likely been very valuable,…emphasis on “value.”

    Horoscopes by Sign


    Scorpio season starts on October 23rd, lighting up your 8th house. Embrace cooperation, deepen connections, and combine your superpowers with loved ones. Whether sharing emotions, merging finances, or collaborating, it's time to make magic together.


    Scorpio season starts October 23rd, highlighting your 7th house and close relationships. Dive deep within and release clingy emotions with honesty and self-love. Discover authentic feelings and conquer jealousy. Stay true to yourself, and let your heart guide you.


    Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd, illuminating your 6th house. Uncover truths about daily life and desires. Explore career changes aligned with passions. Dive into the job market for new opportunities.


    Scorpio season starts October 23rd, bringing unique inspiration. Embrace edgy style and tap into taboo magic. Unleash hidden desires. Imagine taking chances without judgment. Experiment with fashion, express emotions and dive into art. Explore your unapologetic, expressive side.


    Scorpio season starts Octobertransformingtion to your home life in the 4th house. Embrace change, whether it's saying goodbye to an old home or renovating one with enthusiasm. Follow your inspired ideas, switch things up, and create a fabulous space that reflects your essence.


    Scorpio season starts October 23rd, highlighting your 3rd house, inspiring deeper connections. Open up in everyday conversations, share your truths, and let your voice empower you. Dive into profound connections – your authenticity is your strength!


    Scorpio season starts October 23rd, sparking prosperity transformation in your 2nd house. Revamp old stories and shed limiting beliefs. Release scarcity thinking, embrace confidence, and rewrite your abundance narrative. The universe supports your journey to deserving prosperity!


    As Scorpio season begins October 23rd, your charm shines in navigating shadows. Embrace the profound change that’s occurring in your 1st house. Align material ambitions with your heart's desires. Elevate your dreams and style for a transformative season of manifestation.


    Scorpio season, starting October 23rd, celebrates 'me-time' magic. Hidden gems surface, leveling up your life. Turn inward and embrace the inner wisdom of your 12th house. Revelations occur in solitude. Let them guide your self-discovery journey.


    October 23rd ushers in a cosmic shift in your 11th house – expect a moody vibe. Scorpio season calls for love in your social circles – from your squad to peers and fellow like-minded humanitarians. If upcoming events don't align, reconsider. Leave the noise behind and seek out the connections, public affairs, and gatherings that truly light you up and make you smile.


    Scorpio season, starting October 23rd, peels back goal layers. Evaluate your career alignment with authenticity. Scrutinize your online presence – does it reflect true aspirations or surface desires? It's a season for realignment and embracing the true essence of who you are in your professional journey.


    As we enter Scorpio season on October 23rd, it's a time for deep exploration. Seek the profoundness in your beliefs, spiritual growth, and dreams. You're reaching for the bigger picture, not just settling for fragments of truth. Your 9th house craves authentic understanding. Reflect respectfully on your beliefs, and invite trusted companions to join the conversation.

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