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November 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

November 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

The Grand Finale.

Happy November!

This month we enter eclipse season, beginning with a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus.  For some, your manifestations that began in 2018 (May, specifically) will finally come to fruition.  For others, certain people, places, or things will be eclipsed out of your life, signifying a closing chapter.

The Breakdown

Last month, if you remember, we had four planets going direct - Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.  October signified a time when we finally started moving forward after several months of reflecting, remembering, and reassessing.

Now in November, we're taking that forward-moving energy and using it to clean house, so to speak.  Scorpio season is about transformation, and we start off the month focusing on that.

 On November 4th, the New Moon in Scorpio will allow us to have a profoundly transformational new beginning.  While this new beginning may be accompanied by some surprises and a bit of anxiety, it marks a new chapter in our lives nonetheless.

On November 5th, Mercury will move into Scorpio, and Venus will move into Capricorn.  Mercury in Scorpio makes our spidey senses tingle; our intuition, psychic and telepathic abilities will be heightened.  Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn gives loves and relationships a serious and stable nature.

The star event of the month is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, happening on November 19th. This eclipse not only kicks off the next eclipse season but is the grand finale of manifestations and events that commenced in May 2018.

On November 21st, Sagittarius season officially begins, as the Sun moves into this larger-than-life sign.

We close out the month with Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 24th.  At this time, our thoughts and communications will be big, bold, and forward-looking.

Horoscopes by Sign


November has you focusing on intimacy, shared resources, long-distance travel, and higher education.  Use the energy of the New Moon to feel empowered and understand your most authentic desires.  Around the time of the Full Moon eclipse, expect money matters will be illuminated. 

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Relationships and intimacy are the focus for November.  Forming and maintaining authentic bonds can be done by stepping outside of the box.  Use the energy of the New Moon to transform your life by partnering up or transform your relationships by getting closer.  The lunar eclipse will show you many things about yourself and how you view the world.

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This month, work, health, and relationships are where your focus will be directed.  Getting to work and getting to the bottom of why you do what you do will definitely be a thing.  After that, broaden your horizons with your partner come Sagittarius season.  The New Moon sets the foundation for your daily responsibilities, and the Full Moon lunar eclipse will highlight your faith, spirituality, and sense of self.

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For you, Cancer, November shines a light on your creativity, romantic life, work, and health.  Following your heart requires you to be emotional and vulnerable; your relationships and creativity can only benefit from that.  The New Moon allows you to manifest a new lover, conceive a child, or give birth to your passions.  The lunar eclipse brings friendships and goals front and center.

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November is all about your home life, private affairs, family, lovers, and kids.  This month may find you less in the spotlight and more in the comforts of your own home with those closest to you.  The New Moon sets the stage for intentions related to home, property, and family, and the lunar eclipse will shake up your career and public life.

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This month will find you busy as a bee with the Sun in Scorpio lighting up your 3rd house.  Expect your daily activities to ramp up.  Sagittarius season means home and family, just in time for the holidays.  Use the energy of the New Moon to make new friends or learn a new skill.  Expect your mind to be blown at the Full Moon lunar eclipse.

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For you, November directs your focus toward money, business, and socializing.  Sagittarius season, in particular, will be very busy for you.  The New Moon is all about making money moves, so plant seeds that can turn into a money tree.  The lunar eclipse may shake you to your core, which isn't a bad thing.  At that time, transformation will be the name of the game.

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Happy birthday, Scorpio!! November starts out with the Sun in your sign, so you know that it's all about YOU!  When the Sun makes its way into Sagittarius, it will be time to focus on your money.  Use the energy of the New Moon to completely transform yourself; out of the ashes rises the Phoenix.  Expect relationships to be illuminated in a significant way with the lunar eclipse.

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Happy birthday, Sag!! The month starts out pretty quiet for you, as you are resting, recharging, and preparing for your season.  Come the 21st, it's go-time; your personal new year begins.  For the New Moon, make sure you get plenty of rest and resist the urge to be active.  The Full Moon lunar eclipse will highlight a work or health issue in a way that will finally close an important chapter.  

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Expect to reap the rewards of hard work done during Libra season at the beginning of the month.  Ride the wave of success into Sagittarius season, when you will power down, rest, and recharge your batteries to take full advantage of your season.  The New Moon allows you to set lofty goals or connect with your tribe.  The lunar eclipse will illuminate a creative endeavor or close a chapter concerning your kids.   

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November is a month where you'll focus on your career, public life, friends, associates, and dreams.  Take some time to examine where your career ambitions originate.  Doing something new and exciting, especially in Sagittarius season, can help you connect with like-minded people.  Use the energy of the New Moon to get ahead in your career.  Allow the lunar eclipse to remove anything that no longer serves you at home.

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For you, November is all about broadening your horizons and casting a wide net concerning your career and public life.  The New Moon can completely transform your faith or, for some, a legal situation.  The lunar eclipse will mark the ending of a long chapter, which began in 2018, concerning your siblings, business dealings, or neighborhood.

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