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April's New Moon in Aries is Healing

April's New Moon in Aries is Healing

There is strength in vulnerability.

New month, New Moon, new energy.  The month opens up with an excellent opportunity to start new and exciting things, heal ourselves, and help others on their healing journeys.  

Our fourth New Moon of the year, and the first of the astrological new year, takes place on April 1st in the sign of Aries, and it will allow us to take action and be vocal about our vulnerabilities and wounds.

I know what you're thinking.  That sounds painful, weak, and very un-Aries-like.   

Aries is a sign of brute force, conflict, passion, and ambition.  Ruled by Mars, Aries is the warrior ready to defend what they love.

Here's the thing, though...being strong isn't just about physical strength; our emotions play a part in that as well. This New Moon is all about showing us how being emotionally vulnerable and addressing our weaknesses actually contributes to our overall strength.

At the same time, this New Moon is like a firecracker of action-oriented energy that will allow us to plant seeds that will grow into some pretty amazing things.

Let's take a deep dive into this Aries New Moon.

The Astrology

New Moons

Astrologically speaking, New Moons are when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, meaning they occupy the same space in the sky.

When this happens, the energies of both luminaries mix together.  The Sun represents our ego and conscious mind, and the Moon represents our emotions and subconscious.  During the New Moon phase, we typically experience a time of complete awareness of our entire selves, inside and out.

The New Moon signifies the beginning of the lunar cycle; seeds are planted, and intentions are set.  The slate is wiped clean, and so are we.

New Moon in Aries

The Sun and Moon will be conjunct at 11° Aries.  

Aries energy is bold, dynamic, initiating, and aggressive.  This is the exact type of energy you want to have for a New Moon, as it will give you that kick in the ass you need to get moving and motivated.

Be courageous and fearless with your intentions.  Start something new and exciting.

New Moon Conjunct Mercury and Chiron Brings Healing

Specifically, being vocal about our wounds and vulnerabilities will be cathartic.  

Chiron is an asteroid and is known as the "wounded healer."  It is in acknowledging and healing our wounds that we can help heal others.

While this New Moon is all about taking action toward new and exciting things, it also calls us to address our emotional health.  In doing the necessary healing, we can make space for all the wonderful things to come.

Mercury is the planet of communication and ideas.  So, thinking about, addressing, and sharing the emotional parts of ourselves are significant components of this New Moon.  

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Allows Us to See the Big Picture

Jupiter and Neptune are occupying the same space in the sky.  Both are in their home sign of Pisces, which means that their energies are not only combined but are super potent.

Jupiter expands, and Neptune ignites our imagination.  This incredible synergy allows us to see past minute details and focus on the bigger picture.

This is key if we're talking about manifesting something new and exciting.  Not only do we have the motivation to do so (thanks to Aries), but we can also see the forest for the trees and be optimistic about it.

New Moon for the Signs


This New Moon is all about YOU!!! Going down in your 1st house of self, take advantage of this energy by setting intentions related to your appearance, body, attitude, or outlook on life.  If you have a goal close to your heart, plant those seeds now.  


The New Moon in Aries is going down in your 12th house of rest and solitude, so resist the urge to do things; just be.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to sleep, as your dream state will be pretty active.  A lot is going on behind the scenes, but don't worry; it's all working out in your favor.  


Dream BIG and set intentions related to your heart's truest desires; wish upon a star.  If you're looking for a new group of friends, this is the New Moon where you can do just that.  Issues concerning loyalty with friendships may come up.  Address them, and don't be afraid to open up.  


Set goals and intentions concerning your career and public life.  Focus on the bigger picture and start something new or go after that promotion.  If you've overcome insecurities in this sector of your life, share your experiences with others.  Everyone enjoys and is motivated by a great success story!


This New Moon may renew your faith and optimism in life, as it will occur in your 9th house of spirituality, higher education, and long-distance travel.  Aries will motivate you to experience new things and expand your mind.  Start an upper-level course, commence a legal proceeding, or plan that exotic vacay.


For you, this New Moon is all about empowerment and intimacy.  Set intentions to achieve more intimacy in a relationship or obtain funding from others for a business venture.  Do your best to work through any emotional issues that may arise; it will help you make room for some life-changing things.


This New Moon is all about relationships and commitments.  If you're looking for a serious partnership, or to take an existing partnership to the next level, now is the time to plant those seeds.  This time around, you'll want to be vulnerable and emotionally open with your partner; that will make all the difference.


Use the energy of this New Moon to get organized, efficient, and healthy.  While this may not sound sexy or exciting, there's a lot that can be accomplished in your everyday life if you have the motivation to be of service to yourself and others.


This New Moon urges you to have some fun, be light-hearted, and flex your creative muscles.  Now's the time to plant seeds related to creative endeavors, romantic partnerships, self-expression, and children.  Remember that you are multi-faceted; others can relate to your emotional side.


Home is where the heart is for this New Moon.  Set intentions related to your home, property, or family.  Looking to relocate or purchase a home?  Plant those seeds now.  Issues related to your basic emotional needs may arise.  Talking things over with family may prove immensely healing.


Use the energy of this New Moon to get your business up and running.  For some, now's the best time to learn a new skill or research a particular topic.  If you can, take a short-distance trip; it will refresh your mind.  Be social, put yourself out there, and prepare to be busy.


Now's the time to make money moves.  Find and implement new streams of income (or oceans, if you prefer!).  Monetize a creative endeavor or hobby.  Purchase a big-ticket item or indulge in a bit of luxury.  Your fears or triggers regarding money can't stop you. 


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