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May 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

May 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

Spring cleaning.  

Energetically, May is a continuation of the energy shifts we experienced last month

We are given the opportunity to do some spring cleaning, or, instead, the Universe will do it for us.  

Four planets will be changing signs, three of which will be in their home signs; we've got our favorite, Mercury retrograde, plus a powerful Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio.  

Let's take a deep dive into May's astrology.

The Breakdown

  • Venus moves into Aries - May 2nd
  • Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini - May 10th
  • Jupiter moves into Aries - May 10th
  • Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio - May 16th
  • Sun moves into Gemini - May 20th
  • Mercury retrograde moves into Taurus - May 22nd
  • Mars moves into Aries - May 24th
  • Venus moves into Taurus - May 28th
  • New Moon in Gemini - May 30th

The month begins with Venus, the planet of money and love, moving into fiery Aries on May 2nd.  This transit lends itself to being bold, impatient, and impulsive in love matters.  It's the perfect transit to meet new people and develop new relationships.

On May 10th, Mercury will go retrograde in its home sign of Gemini.  For the next few weeks, we'll have the opportunity to revisit, remember, reassess, and revamp our past ideas, communications, plans, and paperwork.  With Mercury in its home sign, electronic malfunctions, transportation delays, miscommunications, and misunderstandings will be high.

That same day, Jupiter will also enter fiery Aries to join Venus.  This transit is excellent for creating our own opportunities, stepping out on faith, taking calculated risks, and displaying confidence.  It's important to remember that our abundance lies in taking the lead, being enterprising, inspiring others, and demonstrating courage.

On May 16th, we'll have our second eclipse of the year, a powerful Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio.  Lunar eclipses not only highlight any imbalances in our lives, but they eclipse things out to make room for something better.  It's the Universe's way of doing spring cleaning.  We'll be tasked with tackling deep emotions and getting our resources balanced out for this particular eclipse.

On May 20th, Gemini season officially begins when the Sun moves into this curious and communicative sign.  Our mental activities, social skills, and curiosity will take center stage for the next month.  

Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus on May 22nd.  Resources and tangible things from the past may reappear.  Additionally, we'll have the opportunity to revisit, remember, and reassess what's most important to us.

On May 24th, Mars transits into its home sign of Aries.  If you've been meaning to start something new and exciting, this transit will put a battery in your back.  Joining up with Venus and Jupiter, Mars will allow us to be bold, dynamic, and a bit self-centered.

Venus will move into her home sign of Taurus on May 28th, where she will feel comfortable and luxurious.  With this transit, we can all tap into the energy of beauty, be creative, and focus on building valuable relationships.

Finally, we close out the month with a New Moon in the sign of Gemini on May 30th New Moons are all about new beginnings, so we will go into June with the ability to form new ideas, communicate with new people, and learn new skills that can benefit us in the future.

Horoscopes by Sign


This month, expect to feel beautiful, attractive, fortunate, enterprising, and motivated with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars hanging out in your first house of self.  Mercury retrograde will wreak havoc on your ability to communicate effectively, so take your time with emails, texts, and conversations.  Money matters will come up for review and will get a nice upgrade.  The lunar eclipse allows you to dive deep into your psyche; don't shy away from the work.  At the New Moon, pick up a new skill; you may be able to develop a new stream of income.


Happy birthday, Taurus!

Keeping a dream journal may benefit you immensely as your dream state will be active, thanks to Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Your spirit team is going the extra mile for you this month.  Take the opportunity to revamp your look or finances while Mercury is retrograde.  The lunar eclipse puts relationships and obligations front and center; balance is necessary.  Heading into June, you'll want to plant seeds related to money and assets; the soil will be fertile.


Happy birthday, Gemini!

Friends and associates may prove extremely valuable and beneficial this month with Venus and Jupiter in Aries.  Mars in Aries will give you the gumption and motivation to go after your biggest dreams.  With Mercury going retrograde in your sign, it's time to take a good hard look at yourself and remember who you are.  Karma from the past may come back around as well.  The lunar eclipse illuminates work and health matters, striking a balance between your physical and spiritual bodies.  The New Moon is your personal new year; set new goals and intentions.


This month, your career and public life get a serious kick in the ass with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  The key to moving ahead is to be bold and take calculated risks.  Mercury retrograde is a very contemplative time for you; revisit your spiritual path, associations, and goals in life.  The lunar eclipse brings romance, fun, creativity, and children to the forefront; are you fitting in or standing out?  Finally, rest, recharge and think of the future at the New Moon; your season is fastly approaching.


This month is about broadening your horizons and expanding your mind with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Allow yourself to step out on faith and experience the world.  Mercury retrograde allows you to reassess your identity, associations, career, and public life.  The lunar eclipse focuses on home and family; allow whatever changes occur to wipe the slate clean for a fresh start.  The New Moon in Gemini gives you the fertile soil to plant seeds related to friends and ambitions; dream big.


Intimacy and shared resources are the focus this month, with the Aries stellium of Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.  Don't be afraid to go after what you want; fortune favors the bold.  With your ruling planet going retrograde this month, you'll be able to revisit career matters and upper-level coursework.  The lunar eclipse sheds light on your immediate environment; perhaps there's something you've been avoiding that needs to go.  Finally, the New Moon in Gemini allows you to set new career goals; things are moving up.


This month, relationships and obligations are emphasized, especially with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Things will come together when you decide to be forthright and take a leap of faith.  Mercury retrograde allows you to reassess your spiritual walk, intimate partnerships, and shared resources.  The lunar eclipse highlights money matters significantly; whose resources are you using and why?  The New Moon in Gemini allows you to pursue higher education, travel the world, or commence a legal proceeding.


Your daily activities and physical health are the focus this month, with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Start something new and connect with new people who can help you daily.  Mercury retrograde may have you reviewing paperwork related to loans, contracts, agreements, or insurance policies.  Make sure you double-check everything.  The lunar eclipse in your sign puts the spotlight on you, your body, and your outlook on life.  What needs to go to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others?  Finally, if you're looking for funding, set those intentions at the New Moon.


Romance, creativity, and children are emphasized this month, with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Your abundance lies in following your heart boldly and unapologetically.  Mercury retrograde may find an ex or health matter returning for some attention.  The lunar eclipse is a time for you to power down and reassess who you've been serving.  If you're looking to bring an old relationship back to life, do so at the New Moon.


This month, home and family are highlighted with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Be bold about starting something new, especially a short-term home project; it can yield immediate results.  Mercury retrograde allows you to revamp your daily routine and revisit a hobby that makes your heart sing.  The lunar eclipse highlights friends, associations, and your life's goals.  Are you fitting in or standing out?  Finally, plant seeds of health and well-being at the New Moon.


This month, expect to be busy with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Your abundance lies in starting something new in your neighborhood or learning a new skill.  Mercury retrograde allows you to revisit an ex-lover or revamp your living space.  The lunar eclipse gives your career and public life the spotlight.  Have you been neglecting your career for your family?  The New Moon allows you to follow your heart and plant seeds of love and creativity. 


This month, money is the focus, especially with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries.  Be direct with your financial goals and aspirations and take calculated risks.  Mercury retrograde revisits family issues and skills you haven't used in a while.  The lunar eclipse brings your faith and optimism front and center.  Are you moving from what you believe or what you know is true?  At the New Moon, plant seeds concerning home and family and watch them grow over the next few months.

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