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March 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

March 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

Happy New Year!

Hello, March!

This month is all about shifts.  We've got the astrological new year happening on March 20th, along with several planets changing signs.

In the same manner as last month, all planets will be in direct motion in March. Without any retrogrades, this month promises to be a month about moving forward and gaining momentum.  

Let's look at what the month has in store for us.

The Breakdown

  • New Moon in Pisces - Mar. 2nd
  • Venus moves into Aquarius - Mar. 6th
  • Mars moves into Aquarius - Mar. 6th
  • Mercury moves into Pisces - Mar. 9th
  • Full Moon in Virgo - Mar. 18th
  • Sun moves into Aries - Mar. 20th
  • Mercury moves into Aries - Mar. 27th

What better way to being a new month than with a New Moon?  The New Moon in Pisces allows us to fantasize, dream big, and manifest the life of our dreams.  With Jupiter in the mix, the New Moon promises positivity, good fortune, and growth.

After that, on March 6th, Venus and Mars will make their way into Aquarius.  These two planets have been all hugged up on each other since February 16th, and they'll be traveling together for a bit longer.  Our thoughts will be concerned with romance, sex, and creativity with this transit.  

On March 9th, Mercury moves into Pisces, where it will remain for the next couple of weeks.  Mercury is uncomfortable in Pisces; too many feelings and not enough logic.  Expect communication and thoughts to be less rational and more dreamy.

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th will shed light on our everyday lives and routines. For some, we'll be forced to find a balance between our physical bodies and spiritual bodies.

On March 20th, Aries season officially begins, marking the start of the astrological new year.  The theme is new beginnings, with spring (here in the Northern hemisphere) and the spring equinox happening simultaneously.  Set new intentions and start new things.

Finally, we close out the month with Mercury moving out of emotional Pisces and into bold Aries on March 27th.  Expect your thoughts and communications to be blunt, dynamic, and enterprising.  

Horoscopes by Sign


Happy Birthday, Aries!

March comes in like a lamb and out like a lion!  Things begin on a quiet note, as the Sun is in your 12th house of solitude.  Rest up and recharge your batteries because come March 20th, your season begins, and it's go-time!  Reflect on the past, plan for the future, and set those plans in motion.  March is all about turning a new leaf and perhaps reinventing yourself.


Dream big Taurus, especially around the New Moon on the 2nd.  Allow your friends and associates to help make your dreams come true.  Come Aries season, it will be time to power down and rest up for your season coming up in April.  With Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius, your career sector will get a boost of energy; be creative and be open to partnering up to start new projects.  The Full Moon in Virgo brings a creative project to fruition.


March is all about enjoying your time in the Sun.  Expect to be social, enterprising, and diligent with your work.  Tapping into your creative side may pay off more than you can imagine; don't be afraid to dream big and allow your intuition to take the lead.  Reach out to new people come Aries season; you never know what could happen.  Things on the homefront are highlighted at the Full Moon; time to balance work life and home life.


This month, broaden your horizons, be open to new adventures, and start new career projects.  The New Moon in Pisces renews your faith and optimism in life.  Your sex drive may be through the roof with Venus and Mars conjunct in your 8th house of intimacy.  You can use that sexual energy for some profound transformation.  The Full Moon in Virgo finds you busy as a bee. Seeing is believing, or is it?


March finds you listening to your intuition, tapping into your deepest emotions, and broadening your horizons.  Take a deep dive into your psyche, then emerge and experience the world in a whole new way.  Relationships get a boost of energy with Venus conjunct Mars; just be mindful of power struggles.  The Full Moon in Virgo illuminates money matters.  Everything isn't always black and white; there's much more than meets the eye.


Relationships and intimacy are the focus this month.  During Pisces season, and especially during the New Moon, suspend your sense of realism and focus on manifesting the relationship of your dreams.  With Jupiter in the mix, you may get more than you bargained for.  Midmonth, the Full Moon in your sign highlights where you've been neglecting yourself in service to partners.  Take back your power and restore balance.


The first part of the month is pretty mundane, as the Sun will be in your 6th house of work and health.  Use the energy of the New Moon to get organized, efficient, and your health on the right track.  Venus conjunct Mars brings sexy back; go out on dates, have flings, and have fun (if you can!).  The Full Moon in Virgo is actually a time of rest and reflection for you.  Find a healthy balance between spirituality and realism.


For you, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  First, your focus will be on creativity, self-expression, romance, and kids.  If you're looking to have more of these things in your life, use the energy of the New Moon to set those intentions.  Things on the homefront get interesting with Venus conjunct Mars.  Midmonth, the Full Moon in Virgo highlights friends and associations.  Find the balance between fitting in and standing out.


Home is where the heart is, and it's in following your heart that you'll find joy this month.  If you're looking to change things at home (location, decor, occupants, etc.), use the energy of the New Moon in Pisces to do so.  Your ruling planet Jupiter will add a sprinkling of positivity to whatever you set in motion.  The Virgo Full Moon lights up your career sector.  A healthy balance between work and home is key this month.


March finds you busy as a bee both in your neighborhood and at home.  Business transactions ramp up during the first half of the month; use the energy of the New Moon to set new projects in motion.  Your criteria for dating and relationships come to the forefront of your thoughts with Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius.  At the Full Moon in Virgo, you may need to travel, handle a legal situation, or engage in upper-level coursework.  


For you, March is all about making moves - both money and physical.  Use the energy of the New Moon in Pisces to set financial goals and secure the bag.  Jupiter will make this a bit easier for you.  Don't be surprised if you find you attract more suitors this month; Venus conjunct Mars will make you extra attractive.  Finally, the Full Moon in Virgo highlights intimacy and transformation.  Allow the change to happen, but don't compromise your character.


Happy Birthday, Pisces!

The first half of the month is still your season, so do you!  Celebrate another revolution around the sun and focus on yourself.  The New Moon is all about personal transformation.  Venus conjunct Mars brings a lot of attention to your love life that you can't see at the moment.  Come Aries season, things may materialize, as well as some much-needed money.  The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your relationships; unconditional love wins.


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