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July 2023 Monthly Horoscopes

July 2023 Monthly Horoscopes

The fire of desire.

July brings the heat!  Not only are temperatures rising, but so are our desires.  We'll have ample opportunity to reach out and touch someone, especially in the romantic sense.  It's definitely the Summer of Love for real!

Let's take a look at what July has in store for us.

The Breakdown

  • Full Moon in Capricorn - July 3rd
  • Mars enters Virgo - July 10th
  • Mercury enters Leo - July 11th
  • New Moon in Cancer - July 17th
  • North Node enters Aries - July 18th
  • Sun enters Leo - July 22nd
  • Venus goes retrograde - July 22nd
  • Mercury enters Virgo - July 28th

The month begins with a powerful Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd.  This will be a time of total illumination when we become success-minded, ambitious, disciplined, and willing to work toward our goals.

On July 10th, Mars will enter Virgo, and our desire for organization and efficiency will go into overdrive.  Even though summer is typically the time for vacation, with Mars in hardworking Virgo, you may feel the urge to work...a lot.  

Mercury enters Leo on July 11th, which means that our thoughts, speech, and communication style will be grand, dramatic, and, most importantly, heart-centered.  Take the time to get to know your inner child a little better.

July's New Moon is taking place in Cancer on the 17th.  At this time, you'll want to set new intentions related to the things that make you feel good.  Address your basic emotional needs and plant seeds that you'll nurture over the coming months.

Get ready to shift!  The north and south nodes will be entering Aries and Libra, respectively, on July 18th.  Over the next 18 months, themes related to individuality, autonomy, your desires, and your goals will come front and center.

On July 22nd, Leo season officially begins as the Sun enters its home sign.  This is literally your time to shine!  Be yourself, follow your heart, and let your inner child out to play.

That same day, Venus - who has been in Leo since early June - will go retrograde.  This happens about every 18 months, and during this time, we get to reexamine all things love and romance.  Follow your heart and tend to the fire of your desires.  For more on Venus retrograde, click here.

Finally, we close out the month with Mercury moving into its home sign of Virgo on July 28th.  Getting your thoughts, work, and life in order will be the vibe.  You'll find it easier to pay attention to details, tend to your health, and be of service to get to work!

Horoscopes by Sign


On the 22nd, Venus will go retrograde in the sign of Leo. The safest and most loving place to work on yourself is within a supportive relationship since this is happening in your 5th house. Take time to understand what you contribute to a relationship and recognize that all your strength comes from within you.


While your ruling planet Venus retrogrades in the sign of Leo starting on the 22nd, you might feel a strong desire to make your home a special place. Simple changes like decluttering, adding new artwork, or setting up a peaceful meditation area can make your home feel sacred. For the next four months, you may prefer staying at home and enjoying relaxing moments.


On the 22nd, honor Venus retrograde in Leo. The planet of beauty, romance, and enjoyment will move in reverse in your 3rd house of communication. Normally, your social life is bustling, and you might have been saying "yes" to people who wouldn't reciprocate, but during this transit, you'll get the chance to reconsider these relationships and set new boundaries that protect your mental and emotional well-being.


During the four months of Venus retrograde in Leo starting on the 22nd, it is a great opportunity to make wise choices about your money since this is happening in your 2nd house. Begin by organizing your budget. Your financial situation is changing, and you're becoming aware of which ways of investing, saving, and spending are effective (and which are not) for you.


While Venus in Leo shifts retrograde on the 22nd, try accepting yourself fully and embracing your own uniqueness. Stop using negative words when talking about yourself. Have you been putting your romantic partner's needs before your own? Have you let others criticize your looks or interfere with your personal interests? Listen to your own heart and love yourself above all else. This'll show the world how to treat you with respect and kindness!


During Venus in Leo’s retrograde starting on the 22nd, your love life, finances, and relationships might feel uncertain. You usually like to stay on top of everything in your life, and part of that means making time for self-exploration, writing in a journal, meditation, and embracing a spiritual practice now. The more you can be comfortable with not knowing how things will turn out, the better it will be for your inner self.


The Venus retrograde in Leo that starts on the 22nd will have your friendships and social circles undergo big changes. In your 11th house realm, you're being asked to let go of aimlessly drifting through life in search of lifelong friends you've always imagined.


During Venus’ retrograde through Leo happening on the 22nd, you might be unusually focused on achieving specific goals in your love life. Take a moment to be honest with yourself. Are you trying to meet society's expectations or follow someone else's path? Ease up on the pressure and let things happen naturally. At the same time, don't let someone keep you waiting indefinitely. If you're in a relationship, finding common goals may require some serious compromise.


During the four months of Venus’ retrograde through Leo on the 22nd in your 9th house of adventure and learning, you are given an opportunity to pause and reconsider your beliefs. You care deeply about your ideas and might feel a bit disheartened by this need to reassess. It's helpful to talk to friends or loved ones about your big thoughts and plans to help you gain a clearer understanding of what truly excites you and where you want to focus your energy.


Venus retrograde in Leo can bring healing to your close relationships, especially in terms of emotional closeness as it travels through your 8th house. It means you're releasing the idea of being invincible and embracing vulnerability instead. It's a time to open your heart and let go of the fear of depending on others.


During this Venus retrograde in Leo, you'll learn what it means to be a real partner. You're good at listening to others, but it's important to share your own thoughts and opinions too. Pay attention to times when you're being too accommodating and not expressing your own preferences and desires. Sharing this information can help your love interest feel more confident in making you happy.


During this Venus retrograde happening on the 22nd, it's your routine and well-being that will be affected. It's an opportunity for you to think about how you take care of yourself. The energy of Leo can motivate you to seek more balanced and reciprocal relationships where the workload is shared equally.

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