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July 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

July 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

Follow your heart.

July is a much busier month than June, astrologically speaking.  With lots of cosmic activity, this month has a lot in store for us.

Here in the Northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing, and the focus shifts from our families and homes to expressing ourselves, having fun, and following our hearts.

Four planets will be changing signs, and another planet will join the growing list of retrograde planets.  

Let's take a deep dive into July's astrology.

The Breakdown

  • Mercury enters Cancer - July 5th
  • Mars enters Taurus - July 5th
  • Full Moon in Capricorn - July 13th
  • Venus enters Cancer - July 17th
  • Mercury enters Leo - July 19th
  • Sun enters Leo - July 22nd
  • New Moon in Leo - July 28th
  • Jupiter goes retrograde - July 28th

The month begins with Mercury entering Cancer on July 5th.  After being in its home sign of Gemini for the last few weeks, Mercury will soften while in Cancer.  This transit will allow us to think, speak, and take in information on a deeper and more intuitive level.  You may find that you pay more attention to your emotions and basic emotional needs now.

That same day Mars, the planet of ambition, war, and competition, will enter stubborn and stable Taurus.  In this placement, Mars is in detriment so its energy is a bit lackluster.  We become determined and very resolute.  While our energy is largely passive, our desire to resist or defend something will be very strong.  When it comes to achieving goals, slow and steady wins the race.

On July 13th, we'll experience a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn.  During this lunar phase, our emotions will need to be balanced between work and home.  We become motivated by a desire to achieve things, secure ourselves, and get ahead in our careers.  Themes related to karma and structure will surface.

Venus, the planet of love and money, will move into warm and tender Cancer on July 17th.  Venus is soft, nurturing, self-protective, and fertile in this placement.  We'll be riding the emotional rollercoaster when it comes to love, as we'll be a lot more sensitive and impressionable.  Our relationship with those closest to us will come into focus, and feelings of comfort, especially at home, will be prioritized.

On July 17th, Mercury will make another move, this time into Leo.  Our thinking and communications will be grand, dramatic, and a bit self-centered.  Confidence becomes a thing and many of us will be more convincing and persuasive.  Above all else, this transit is about speaking courageously and from the heart.

The Sun will move into proud Leo on July 22nd, and a new zodiacal season begins.  The Sun is at home in Leo, so its energy is potent.  Our ego and personality take center stage and many will experience feelings of pride and confidence.  In this placement, the Sun wants us to shine, be a bit dramatic, and focus on our self-expression.  Themes related to romance, children, and creativity will arise.

On July 28th, the New Moon in Leo sets the stage for grand new beginnings.  This Moon is perfect for starting new creative projects, expressing yourself, conceiving or starting something new with children, and having fun.  

Finally, we close out the month with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, going retrograde on July 28th.  Jupiter will travel backward for the next couple of months between Aries and its home sign of Pisces.  During this time we are called to reflect on our growth and development as well as our beliefs.  This is a time for self-improvement, self-realization, and remembering our inner abundance.

Horoscopes by Sign


In July there's a focus on home, family, children, and romance.  With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer, domestic affairs and family members take center stage.  The first half of the month may be an emotional time for you.  When the Sun moves into Leo, it's time to have some fun and follow your heart.  The Full Moon in Capricorn highlights career matters and helps you balance out your home and work lives.  The New Moon in Leo is ripe for starting a new creative endeavor.  Jupiter retrograde allows for inner reflection on how much you've grown.


The first part of the month may find you busy as a bee, with several planets in your house of communication and ideas.  Socialize, meet new people, and allow yourself to be a little vulnerable.  When the Sun moves into Leo midmonth, it's time to focus on home and family.  Have some fun with those you love.  The Full Moon in Capricorn highlights spiritual matters or a legal situation.  At the New Moon in Leo, plant seeds concerning family; most importantly, follow your heart.  Jupiter retrograde allows for reflection on your spiritual journey.


July is all about money, assets, business transactions, and communication.  During Cancer season, your bottom line is the focus; remember to listen to your intuition.  When the Sun moves into Leo, your daily life may get a lot busier.  The second half of the month is full of fun activities and child-like energy.  All work and no play make Gemini a dull person.  At the Full Moon, matters of intimacy and resources will be highlighted.  Plant seeds related to business at the New Moon.  Jupiter retrograde allows for reflection on your closest friendships.


Happy Birthday, Cancer!

The first half of the month is all about YOU!  It's your time to shine, enjoy yourself, and plan for the new year ahead.  When Leo season rolls around, it will be time to address money matters; following your heart will be the key that unlocks lucrative doors.  At the Full Moon, expect relationships and obligations to be highlighted; strike a healthy balance between you and your commitments.  Planting money seeds at the New Moon will yield a money tree in the future.  Jupiter retrograde allows for a do-over in the career department.


Happy Birthday, Leo!

Cancer season is a time of rest and relaxation for you.  For the first half of the month, it's imperative that you recharge your batteries, reflect on the past year, and prepare for your personal new year.  Come Leo season, it's time to step into the spotlight and shine!  Striking a balance between your physical body and spiritual body is the focus of the Full Moon.  At the New Moon, set personal intentions and goals; a new you may emerge in the near future.  Jupiter retrograde will show you how far you've come in the spiritual arena.


Cancer season is all about friendships and associations; socialize and find your tribe.  It's also a great time to set or revisit goals and ambitions that are near and dear to you.  Come Leo season, the focus will shift toward rest, relaxation, and recharging your batteries; you'll need all your energy for your season next month.  The Full Moon will show you where and how to express yourself and stand apart from the crowd.  At the New Moon, a new beginning awaits, just step into it.  Finally, Jupiter retrograde allows for transformative self-reflection.


The first half of the month focuses on career and reputation; you may find that you are a bit more sensitive and moody at work and with authority figures.  When the Sun moves into Leo, it's time to be social, make plans for the future, and have fun with friends; one of your favorite activities!  The Full Moon will call your attention to home and family matters.  At the New Moon, set your intentions high and reach for the stars; no dream is too big.  Jupiter retrograde allows for reflection on your partnerships and commitments.


During Cancer season, expand your mind and embark on a new adventure.  In doing so, you may find immense emotional satisfaction.  When the Sun moves into Leo, inject a bit of fun and light-hearted energy into your work or business.  When doing what you love, people are sure to take notice.  Things may get busy around the Full Moon; a neighborhood project may come to an end.  At the New Moon, start something new at work or a new business; be courageous in your pursuits.  Jupiter retrograde shows how you can be of service.


Cancer season is a time of intimacy and transformation.  Expect it to be pretty emotional, but isn't that the nature of profound transformation?  When the Sun moves into Leo, the focus will shift toward having fun and embarking on new adventures; plan an exotic trip or experience something new that your inner child would love.  The Full Moon puts the spotlight on money and assets; don't be afraid to ask for assistance, if necessary.  The New Moon sets the stage for new experiences.  Jupiter retrograde shows you how much you've grown.


Relationships and obligations are the focus of Cancer season.  Your sensitivities may be heightened, causing you to be crabby with your partner or business associates.  The focus will shift toward intimacy and shared resources when the Sun moves into Leo.  Don't take things too seriously at that time; follow your heart. You may discover something new about yourself at the Full Moon, which could affect your closest relationships.  At the New Moon, plant seeds of transformation.  Jupiter retrograde allows for reflection on home and family.


Work and health matters come into focus during Cancer season.  Being of service in a nurturing and tender way will undoubtedly bring you emotional fulfillment.  When the Sun moves into Leo, relationships and commitments are highlighted.  Following your heart and listening to your inner child will make you feel all the feels, in a good way.  At the Full Moon, rest, meditate, and get in touch with your spiritual side.  The New Moon provides fertile soil for commitment.  Jupiter retrograde shows you your mental evolution.


Cancer season highlights romance, fun, creativity, and children; it's a time when you can allow your intuition and emotions to lead.  When the Sun makes its way into Leo, it will be time to inject your unique personality and style into your daily routine; being of service doesn't have to be boring.  At the Full Moon, friendships, associations, and your lifelong goals will be highlighted; are you trying to fit in or do you march to the beat of your own drum?  The New Moon is great for new work projects.  Jupiter retrograde shows your financial evolution.

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