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August 2023 Monthly Horoscopes

August 2023 Monthly Horoscopes

Reflection & Illumination. 

With two full moons this month, plus four retrograde planets, August will be a month of immense reflection and illumination.  We'll have ample opportunity to get our minds right, get organized, manifest love, and reflect on what we need to improve in our lives.

Let's take a look at what August has in store for us.

The Breakdown

  • Full Moon in Aquarius - August 1st
  • New Moon in Leo - August 16th
  • Sun enters Virgo - August 23rd
  • Mercury retrograde in Virgo - August 23rd
  • Mars enters Libra - August 27th
  • Uranus retrograde in Taurus - August 28th
  • Full Moon in Pisces - August 30th

We begin the month with a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st.  This is the moon where we'll be focusing on what we need to improve in our lives.  To have what we've never had, we have to do what we've never done, and this Full Moon in Aquarius is the moon to broaden our horizons and look to the future.

On August 16th, we'll have a New Moon in Leo.  This moon sets the stage for love and romance.  Plant seeds and set new intentions for the relationship that you truly desire.

Virgo season officially begins on August 23rd.  With the Sun in the sign of organization, efficiency, and service, we'll be urged to organize, get our health on the right track, and bring order to the chaos in our lives.  

That same day, Mercury will go retrograde in Virgo.  While this transit is anything but sexy, it does allow us to reflect on the smaller details of life.  Addressing your daily routine will be key during this time.

On August 27th, Mars will enter Libra.  During this six-week transit, we may find it challenging to be direct about what we want, especially in relationships.  People-pleasing, passive aggressiveness, and the need to "play politics" will be common.  

Uranus will go retrograde in Taurus on August 28th.  For the remainder of the year, we'll be able to harness the energy of the universe to make profound changes to our lives.  You may find that the chaos settles down a bit, and we aren't being thrust out of our comfort zones as much.

Finally, we end the month with another Full Moon, this time in Pisces on August 30th.  Expect the emotions to flow with this one.  The universe will shine a light on our inner world so we can start making changes to our outer one.  

Horoscopes by Sign


This month, Mars moves into Libra, and situations may become somewhat challenging. You'll need to decide whether to be more assertive or defensive. In the following weeks, it's essential to display good sportsmanship and seek balance. Being open to compromise can assist you in handling difficult negotiations, and resolving conflicts can actually strengthen your relationships with friends and loved ones.


Starting this month matters once buried in your mind now require your problem-solving skills, diligence, and careful consideration alongside your daily duties because Mars is entering Libra. An extended lesson in conflict resolution may involve enhancing a relationship. Alternatively, you may feel overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. Trying to meet everyone's expectations can exhaust you, but embracing cooperation is a necessary strategic approach.


This month, Mars enters Libra, bringing excitement to your life. While you tend to consider others' input, expressing your desires directly might feel unusual. Yet, your diplomatic skills benefit your relationships and creative pursuits. Avoid overthinking and indecision; take action and pursue your desires confidently!


As Mars enters Libra this month in your 4th house, representing home and family, living with others may lead to passive-aggressive behavior. View it as a chance to understand how you express anger and navigate power dynamics. Apply lessons from your professional life, whether that be delegation or exerting authority, to handle challenges at home confidently. Recognize how these challenges connect to trust, sharing, and grief aspects you’ve been working on this year.


As Mars enters Libra this month, with patience and care, approach expressing your bold ideas in writing. While you shouldn't dilute your message, find effective ways to deliver it. Introducing challenging concepts at this time requires finesse. Respect others' initial defensive reactions and stay true to your beliefs. Focus on engaging with people willing to hear you out.


With Mars entering Libra this month, addressing the return of things that are rightfully yours from other people might not be so straightforward. Social skills and understanding can prove more effective than direct confrontation. Protecting your time, energy, and belongings may need to be handled creatively, but is essential during this period.


As Mars enters your sign on the 27th, asserting yourself may not be easy. Stay true to yourself, and don't pretend to be overly confident just to please others. Embrace your unique bravery, which differs for everyone. Don't feel pressured to conform to aggressive approaches if your nature is thoughtful and contemplative. That's perfectly enough!


With Mars entering Libra on the 27th, it affects your 12th house, urging you to prioritize self-care and rest without guilt. Take a breather and plan wisely during your downtime. You might encounter frustrations, but practice patience and politeness. Conserve energy, stay low-key, and gain clarity for your next steps.


With Mars entering Libra this month, avoid passive-aggressive expressions. Engage actively within group settings to reach a consensus about things and find a satisfying middle ground. Fair exchanges can overcome roadblocks. Anticipating the group's reaction will make your moves more effective.


As Mars enters Libra this month, you may need to be a shining example to others, balancing expressing your thoughts and showing restraint. Your social intelligence sets you apart as a leader, representing solving the concerns of group situations. You handle conflicts with finesse, fostering understanding and harmony.


With Mars entering Libra on the 28th, a new phase begins. Stand up for your beliefs without becoming overly defensive. Don't worry about proving your point to everyone. Focus on what truly matters to you, guided by your values. It's about meaningful principles, not just winning arguments. Also, prepare for deeper connections with your family.


Regarding giving and receiving, balance is crucial for you. Mars enters Libra this month, possibly disrupting that equilibrium. You may harbor hidden frustrations or resentments that you're reluctant to admit to. It's okay to feel your anger. Acknowledge and express your emotions healthily. Prepare to address relationship issues and make decisions thoughtfully.

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