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What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

Every year on the eighth day of the eighth month, we experience what's known as the Lion's Gate Portal, a spiritually charged time filled with abundance, power, fertility, and higher levels of consciousness.

Let's take a deep dive into what this is and what you can expect.

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

Spiritual ascension and growth are the major themes of the Lion's Gate Portal.  From roughly July 28th to August 12th of each year, this portal is open, with the significant activation day being August 8th.

This portal occurs when the Sun is in its ruling sign of Leo, and the star Sirius begins rising in the sky.

In ancient Egypt, the rising of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile River.  As such, the Egyptians revered Sirius as a spiritual force that brought prosperity and fertility.  It is even believed that the pyramids were aligned with Sirius, perhaps to transmit and amplify the powerful energy that the star emits.

In many cultures, this time of the year, particularly the Lion's Gate Portal, marked the beginning of the new year.  

The Numerology of the Number 8

In numerology, the number eight represents empowerment and abundance; it amplifies things in a significant way. 

Eight also is the number of infinity.  This is an important fact as the Lion's Gate Portal is really a gateway into the infinite, into that part of our soul that lives forever. 

The Lion's Gate Portal blurs the line between the physical and the ethereal; it's a time when we can improve our earthly experience by tapping into our spirituality and the infinite energy of the cosmos.

Leo Energy

Leo energy is brave, heart-centered, fierce, and expressive.  Leo season is a time when we are called to be courageous by following our hearts and going after what we really want.  

What's often not discussed is the spiritual qualities that Leo possesses.  The ancient Egyptians created the Great Sphinx, with the iconic lion figure, to communicate with and receive messages from Anubis and Isis, deities associated with Sirius.

What Can You Expect?

Simply put, the Lion's Gate Portal allows you to manifest all the beautiful things that your heart desires.  However, it's more than just about wishing for things to come to fruition.

The auspicious time allows us to birth new things in our lives by tapping into our spirituality.  Abundance and prosperity come not just from the things we do but also from our belief in the unseen forces that are all around us.

Additionally, now is the time to find the inner strength to let go of those things that don't serve us so we can make room for the things we truly want.  

Here are some suggestions for what you can do to make the most of this year's Lion's Gate Portal:

  • Meditate on what your heart truly desires - no matter how outlandish you think it may be
  • Carve out some quiet time to listen to what your higher self/God/the Universe is trying to tell you
  • Work on clearing out blockages in your heart chakra
  • Set intentions related to abundance, prosperity, and/or fertility
  • Tap into your creativity by doing what you love

Let your inner Leo come out to play.  Happy Lion's Gate!!

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