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Venus in Leo 2023: BIG Love

Venus in Leo 2023: BIG Love

From June 5th to October 8th, 2023, Venus will be in the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo is a special sign ruled by the Sun and it's all about expressing ourselves and pursuing our passions. This visit of Venus in Leo is longer than usual because of an upcoming retrograde Venus cycle, which we'll talk about later.

Venus Enters Leo

When Venus enters Leo, love and romance become a big focus. You'll feel confident to love openly and express your feelings bravely. After spending some time in the sign of Cancer, Venus, the planet of love, brings lots of excitement to romance, fun, and showing affection. This exciting time begins on June 5th, so get ready for some thrilling experiences!

Showering Others With Love

During Venus’ time in Leo, there will be no such thing as too much love. It's a special time when you can show grand gestures of love and be generous to others. You'll also have the opportunity to express your admiration and care for the people around you. Venus in Leo boosts your confidence and makes you more attractive and interested in romance. This is because Leo is associated with pleasure and enjoyment. If you're not currently in a relationship, Venus in Leo might bring back old romantic feelings. Think first about what you value and what you need in a loving relationship, especially if you’re considering going back to a previous one. It's also a great time to focus on self-care and self-love.

For those already in a relationship, Venus in Leo can inspire you to add excitement and passion to your connection with your partner. It's a good time to think about your future together. Whether you're single or in a relationship, don't hesitate to show affection. It's perfectly fine to be sentimental and loving.

Hobbies & Fun Expressions

When Venus is in Leo, it's a time to enjoy hobbies and have fun. Leo inspires bravery, creativity, and passion, so get ready to express yourself artistically. You can engage in creative projects and continue with old unfinished ones.

During Venus in Leo, there are opportunities for enjoyable activities and special experiences. There may be contests, parties, and games happening during this transit. People might dress up in fancy clothes and wear beautiful jewelry. It's a time to be generous and warm, which helps us attract the things we need.

Becoming Prideful

However, it's important to be aware of some negative aspects of Leo. Sometimes, you might become stubborn and too proud, which can cause problems in your relationships. It's best to stay calm and avoid getting into heated arguments with your loved ones.

When Venus is in Leo, love feels amazing and significant. We take pride in love and are generous with our money. It's a time when we show our warm hearts, tease each other, and freely express ourselves. We feel proud and enjoy doing things in a fancy and extravagant way.

Love is Expressed In A Big Way

Love feels like a fun game that never ends, just like the exciting beginning stage of a relationship. We’ll enjoy attention, recognition, feeling important, and receiving lots of love.

During this time, Venus in Leo craves adoration, pampering, and admiration. We take pride in ourselves and our love lives. Sometimes, we may exaggerate our feelings to make a bigger impression on others, and we might spend too much money on extravagant things. We want to be noticed and feel important during this period.

Venus Goes Retrograde

The reason this Venus in Leo cycle is longer than usual is that in July, Venus moves backward in the sky in the sign of Leo. This happened before, about eight years ago, in 2015. Similar themes may reoccur from that time.

During the Venus retrograde from July 22nd to September 3rd, your love life may take a different path before finding balance again. But don't worry, it will be an exciting time as Leo encourages you to focus on what you love and take care of yourself. You can have fun nights with a good beverage or relax in a candlelit bath.

Relationship Equilibrium

Every 18 months, Venus goes into a retrograde cycle, which can be a bit disruptive. This time, it will be in the sign of Leo, making love feel like a big show or performance, similar to a theater play or circus!

During the Venus in Leo retrograde, competition could get intense. It's a good idea to work through any brewing conflicts with your partner to stay ahead of the curve.

During this cycle, we get a chance to reflect on our love lives. It's a good time to fix any problems and make things better. Couples might seek help from relationship coaches to work on their issues during the summer.

Be Cautious If Rekindling Old Connections

But be careful! Venus retrograde can bring back memories of past relationships or make people suddenly disappear when things seemed to be going well. Some people from the past may come back, but it could be challenging to make things work in the present.

In simpler terms, Venus retrograde is like a time when we review our love lives, and things can get a bit messy. It's a time for reflection and making decisions about relationships.

Use this opportunity to get clarity on what you want and need in your love life. Say goodbye to relationships that have held you back. Some might want to stay, but most of them will seek closure.

Get Out Of A Style Rut

When Venus goes retrograde in Leo during this summer, it might feel like our creative spark has disappeared. We might feel stuck and unsure of how to get our creativity back. But don't worry, it will return in a different form. We'll find new ways to express ourselves and explore new interests.

Use the summer to update your personal style! Venus is known for its sense of design, so make sure your appearance matches the message you want to send to the world.

Spend Wisely But Have A Good Time

Be mindful of your spending during this time. It's tempting to splurge on fancy dinners and fun outings, but you might regret it later. Be smart with your money and avoid overspending on things that won't bring lasting enjoyment.


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