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What to Expect With This Year's Pluto Retrograde

What to Expect With This Year's Pluto Retrograde

The keyword is TRANSFORMATION.

Pluto is set to station retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on April 29th, to last until October 8th.  

What does this mean, and is it even important?

Pop culture is obsessed with Mercury retrograde, and I can't say I'm mad at that.  Bringing awareness to astrology is ultimately a great thing, in my opinion.  

What I'd love to see, though, is an awareness of all the other planetary retrogrades and how they affect us as well.  Hence, this article.

Let's take a deep dive into the underworld; let's examine Pluto retrograde and what it means for each sign.

What Does Retrograde Even Mean?

If you're new to astrology, you'll hear or see the term "retrograde" being thrown around, usually in the context of something going wrong or someone's raggedy ex coming back around.

Retrogrades are much more than that.

Each of the planets in our solar system moves at a particular speed.  Every so often, each planet slows down its rate of speed and eventually stops.  The planet then goes retrograde.  The retrograde phase is when that planet moves so slowly that it appears to be moving backward from our vantage point here on earth.  

When a planet is retrograde, the energy of that planet is inwardly directed, reversed, or recalled.  It's as if that planet is sleeping and, therefore, cannot give its full attention and energy to the matters at hand that it governs.

For example, Mercury is associated with communication, short-distance travel, siblings, contracts, and agreements.  When Mercury is retrograde, all of these things will experience delays, slip-ups, accidents, and irregularities.  

However, the point or purpose of a retrograde planet isn't just to make your life more difficult.

Retrograde is a time of REFLECTION.  It allows you to revisit certain things and fine-tune them.  By doing so, you can set yourself up to be in an advantageous position once the retrograde planet stations direct.


Powerful Pluto

Pluto is a dark, heavy, slow, and intense planet farthest from the Sun.  

Its energy is associated with transformation, death, rebirth, decimation, obsession, power, and control.

Pluto rules the underworld and represents the ugly and unsavory things that we deem "bad" or "taboo" in society.  

However, Pluto's immense power can transform anything, which is important, especially if we are talking about retrograde.

When Pluto is retrograde, rather than decimating and transforming things externally, that wrecking ball energy is directed inward.  The name of the game is personal transformation - via self-reflection.

What's interesting is that Pluto goes retrograde every single year for approximately six months.  So we've been experiencing this retrograde energy consistently without even realizing it.

This is because Pluto is known as a generational planet, meaning that its energy is felt on a societal level instead of a personal level.  The transformation that Pluto retrograde provides is felt across a wide range of people and generations.  

However, personal transformation via Pluto retrograde is very possible, especially if you tap into the available energy.

Pluto retrograde is a time to understand your psyche, recognize and release bad or obsessive habits, process and release emotional trauma and wounds, do shadow work, and be empowered.

With Pluto currently in Capricorn, that energy of transformation is directed toward all of the structures in our lives.  Old, outdated, and useless foundations, rules, and obligations are being torn down to build new structures that serve our best interests.

You can see this playing out on the world stage and in your personal life, depending on where Pluto in Capricorn falls in your chart.  

This year's Pluto retrograde season allows us to set the framework for better structure in our lives.

Pluto Retrograde in the Signs


This retrograde season is all about career and public life.  Perhaps you've been doing the same thing for the longest, but it hasn't been very fruitful.  Pluto retrograde will allow you to get rid of any bad habits preventing you from climbing the corporate ladder and having your time in the Sun.


Your spirituality is being altered by Pluto Retrograde.  Perhaps your belief system, philosophy on life, or religion are not aligned with your highest good.  Have no fear; retrograde is here!  For some, this retrograde season changes upper-level coursework or a legal matter.


Pluto is currently in the house where it feels most comfortable; the 8th house which governs transformation.  As such, complete and total transformation is on the menu.  Shadow work will do wonders for you if you dare to indulge.  It's time to go from the caterpillar to the butterfly. 


Relationships are on the chopping block this retrograde season.  While it may not be a time of endings (so no need to panic), it may be a time when your values or morals concerning relationships get a workup.  If you understand why you want what you want, it makes things much easier.


Work and health matters are the subjects of this Pluto retrograde.  Efficiency and the health of your physical body and mind will take precedence.  It's important to understand that what may seem inefficient or unhealthy are just opportunities to turn things around for the better. 


Love, romance, creativity, and self-expression are in the spotlight.  Maybe how you express your heart's truest desires isn't serving you (take a look at your dating life, and you'll get a sense of this).  Lucky for you, Pluto retrograde is here to make the necessary changes.  


Home and domestic affairs are the subjects of this retrograde.  Family structures, and the hierarchy within them, will come to the forefront.  Issues of power and control may also surface.  Remember that yesterday's wounds don't need to be a part of tomorrow's story.


Your mind, the way you think, and the way you interact with those around you are what's undergoing a transformation.  A change in mindset can radically and profoundly change your life and relationships.  Take a deep dive into your psyche and see what's really good.


Money, assets, and values are the subjects of this retrograde.  How you make money, the value you assign to yourself, and your definition of an "asset" may all be changing.  If you change your perspective, everything else will follow.


Of all the signs, you are the ones who are experiencing a true personal transformation.  It's time to take a long and hard look at yourself from the inside out.  What bad habits or obsessive behaviors can you eliminate to start living your best life?  Allow Pluto retrograde to help you find that answer.


All the transformation you'll experience won't be visible to you, as much will be going on behind the scenes, but on your behalf.  Your spirit team is hard at work, so have faith that you'll have the best possible outcome.  In the meantime, try not to drive yourself crazy.


Friends, associations, goals, and ambitions are changing radically for you.  Remember that this change is slow and steady; it won't be an overnight success story.  With this retrograde, your ability to dream big and use your imagination may be restored or revised.  


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