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October 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

October 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

MAJOR energy shifts.

The fourth quarter of the year will be about energy shifts in a significant way.  

Specifically, October has four planets changing directions, three planets changing signs, and a solar eclipse.

Let’s look at the astrology of October and what you can do to make the most of this transformative month.

The Breakdown

  • Mercury goes direct in Virgo - Oct. 2nd
  • Pluto goes direct in Capricorn - Oct. 8th
  • Full Moon in Aries - Oct. 9th
  • Mercury enters Libra - Oct. 10th
  • Sun enters Scorpio - Oct. 23rd
  • Venus enters Scorpio - Oct. 23rd
  • Saturn goes direct in Aquarius - Oct. 23rd
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio - Oct. 25th
  • Jupiter retrogrades into Pisces - Oct. 28th
  • Mercury enters Scorpio - Oct. 29th
  • Mars goes retrograde in Gemini - Oct. 30th

The month starts positively, with Mercury going direct in Virgo on October 2nd.  After three brutal weeks of retrograde, things will finally return to normal. Remember that Mercury won’t be out of the retrograde shadow until October 16th. With Mercury in Virgo, we’ll have the opportunity to organize and reanalyze things.

The next sign to change directions will be Pluto, as it goes direct in Capricorn on October 8th.  Over the last several months, we’ve had the energy of transformation at our disposal. We could review things in our lives, integrate our shadow selves, and use that energy to move forward successfully. Now that Pluto will be direct, that transformative energy will be directed outward, and we’ll see things changing in society.

This month’s Full Moon is occurring in the sign of Aries on October 9th. Piggy-backing off the energy of September’s New Moon in Libra, this Full Moon is also all about relationships, specifically, how we show up in them. It promises to be very illuminating.

On October 10th, Mercury will move into Libra and shift our focus toward socializing, friendship, and diplomacy. Our communication skills will be best used in situations requiring fairness, peace-keeping, and cooperation.

Scorpio season officially begins on October 23rd when the Sun enters this sexy and sultry sign. Everything about Scorpio season screams depth, substance, mystery, and secrecy. The best part about this season is that it allows us to get to the heart of the matter, address our desires, and transform our lives.

That same day, Venus will enter Scorpio as well.  Concerning relationships, we’ll yearn for closeness, intimacy, depth, and sex. Money also gets serious, as we’ll be focused on finding ways to secure it from others.

Also, on the 23rd, Saturn will go direct in Aquarius.  Karma may have been kicking your ass over the last few months; thankfully, that energy will not subside. Expect many changes to structures in our society over the coming months.

On October 25th, we’ll experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  This is the premiere event of the month. Eclipses are the Universe’s way of shifting things around in our lives - for the better. With this eclipse, whatever and whoever we need to reach our destiny will be added to our lives.  

Jupiter will retrograde back into its home sign of Pisces on October 28th.  This transit allows us to be spiritual, compassionate, and optimistic. We’ll be reminded that abundance is our birthright and that anything is possible.

On October 29th, Mercury will make its final move of the month into Scorpio.  In this placement, Mercury is concerned with substantive thoughts and conversations that are serious and deep. Superficiality just won’t cut it.

Finally, we close out the month in a big way, with Mars going retrograde in Gemini on October 30th.  This retrograde will last until January, so get comfortable. Mars doesn’t go retrograde often, so it’s a big deal when it does. That momentum and drive we felt when Mars first entered Gemini will die down, and we’ll be left to review and reassess where we’ve been spending our energy.

Horoscopes by Sign


The Full Moon in your sign is arriving on October 9th, making every effort to see, feel or experience something new. The Moon’s energy invites you to expand beyond your present surroundings, especially if they trigger irritation, moodiness, and overreaction to situations you can’t control.


The Full Moon in Aries will appear on October 9th, offering a boost of confidence as you finish projects, end unhealthy relationships or close out negative cycles. Resolution and closure are the means of achieving prosperity. Don’t hold on to something out of fear of losing it. Trust the Universe that you’ll be supported after you let go.


Jupiter’s been traveling through Aries the last few months but will return to Pisces on the 29th. Your career sector is being uplifted and presenting you with abundant opportunities. Your accomplishments have put you in a position to help others, allowing you to experience an elevation in status, work position, and overall success.


When Jupiter enters Pisces on the 29th, it inspires a desire for travel, specialized learning, and spiritual pursuits. You have sentimentality and unconditional love for the world, and you can meet people from all backgrounds. Answer the call of going on a spiritual quest if you receive it or discover the teachings of a new spiritual practitioner. Make sure to accept new philosophies with discernment.


Feeling free and expansive from learning things that give you a broader understanding of life is what you need starting this month. You need the higher knowledge, philosophies, and hands-on experiences that help you discover how you got here, the exact vibration you are emitting, and where you are headed. October’s Full Moon in Aries takes you in that direction.


As Jupiter moves in and out of Pisces, you’ve achieved a broader view of your relationships. You may be very fulfilled by the compassion and empathy you receive from them and find yourself even more committed. Or the bigger picture has shown that you may want to attract someone more aligned with you. This goes for all relationships; romantic, business partnerships, work friends, therapists, doctors, and global contacts and connections.


You need to regain whatever makes life feel meaningful to you. You need to refuel with new experiences and adventures. Your passions are going through a process of expansion, and you could benefit from focused energy and attention towards new activities, philosophies, foods, cultures, and countries. As Mars stations retrograde on the 30th, your moral and spiritual values are under review, revealing what needs to change in your everyday life.


October’s Full Moon in Aries on the 9th emphasizes essential work duties that are finishing up. Society needs your help, service, and what you’ve been working hard at every day. Let go of any work-related issues you’ve been taking too personally. You must find moments of comfort and restoration each day to avoid burnout.


As Mars takes on a new direction in the sky on the 30th, it mirrors the shift in your partnerships. It reflects the conflicts, competitions, and frustrations with others that leave you drained. It’s time to figure out what compromises and resolutions are needed to soothe your relationships. What arguments aren’t worth having anymore?


Fulfillment, for you, requires achieving something desired. Identifying your goals and values to perform duties to your greatest ability and expectation brings that fulfillment. With Mars stationing retrograde on the 30th, you’ll be reorganizing and cutting out things related to how you work for maximum fulfillment.


If you’ve been feeling scarcity or lack of money or materials, Jupiter going into Pisces on the 29th sends a windfall of money-making opportunities into your income house. If things are going well, Jupiter will still bring more to you through wage increases or opportunities to receive value from your natural talents. Big-picture thinking will allow you to use funds practically and wisely towards future plans and values.


October 9th’s Full Moon in Aries sparks up your 2nd house of finances, material things, and values. Money is an essential tool for new experiences and expressions. What you put your time and energy into is revealing what you really value. Use this Full Moon to stop comparing your financial situation to others or to stop spending impulsively. Think conservatively and be pragmatic at this time.

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