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November 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

November 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

New month, new energies.

While we are still in eclipse season, November is a lot less active - cosmically speaking - than October. 

Transformation, ending karmic cycles, and expanding your mind are all major themes this month.

Let's take a look at what November has in store for us.

The Breakdown

  • Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus - Nov. 8
  • Venus enters Sagittarius - Nov. 16
  • Mercury enters Sagittarius - Nov. 17
  • Sun enters Sagittarius - Nov. 22
  • New Moon in Sagittarius - Nov. 23
  • Jupiter goes direct in Pisces - Nov. 23

The month begins with a powerful total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th.  Expect illumination, completion, and the unexpected.  This eclipse will reveal the things we've worked toward, built, and valued and whether those those stand on a solid or faulty foundation. 

On November 16th, Venus, the planet of love and money, enters adventurous Sagittarius.  This will be a time for romantic adventures, spontaneity, and understanding love on a universal level.  Concerning finances, you may want to try new things or take a risk.

On November 17th, Mercury will join Venus in Sagittarius.  This transit is great for learning new things and broadening your horizons.  While in Sagittarius, Mercury will allow us to see the bigger picture of life, be truth-seeking, and have a more optimistic frame of mind.

Sagittarius season officially begins when the Sun transits into this larger-than-life sign on November 22nd.  During this season, our focus shifts from the need for intimate connection to the desire to connect with something larger than ourselves.  Embark on an adventure, learn new things, and experience the world around you.

This month's new moon takes place in Sagittarius on November 23rd.  Expect to feel good at this new moon, as many will experience a renewed sense of faith and optimism.  With a trine to Jupiter, this new moon will bring good fortune and abundance.

Finally, we close out the money on a high note with Jupiter going direct in its home sign of Pisces on November 23rd.  Expect blessings, good fortune, luck, abundance, and optimism wherever Pisces is in your chart.

Horoscopes by Sign


The total lunar eclipse of November 8th is making changes here, acting as a cosmic financial advisor who can help you organize your spending and keep track of what’s coming in and out of your accounts. This eclipse wants you to think about how you've handled your money over the past six months and bring focused attention to the material world that you treat with more care and consideration.


On November 8, a total moon eclipse will occur in your sign. It's time to start telling yourself new stories and thinking of new ideas if your circumstances aren't as harmonious as you'd like them to be. Gently get rid of personality traits that no longer serve you. Accept who you’ve become as a result of life events and the self-talk you've engaged in that have shaped who you are today. Embrace your epiphanies and make quantum leaps.


On the 8th, there will be a total lunar eclipse, and it will deal with endings. If you can, schedule some time off in your calendar. Give yourself grace by taking a half day, at the very least, so you can fulfill your obligations. If you've been moving at top speed, this may require some effort. We occasionally need to slow down to finish tasks we neglected and improve processes so we can move on.


You're asked to skip this week's social engagements, or at least the ones you didn't plan on going to anyhow, in honor of the total lunar eclipse on November 8th. When planning social outings with friends, take your time, especially if you don't know them well and don't want to spend time getting to know them right away. Now is the time for you and your close pals.


The total Moon eclipse on November 8th changes the frequency of your reputation, leadership style, and adulting processes. Less emphasis is being placed on projecting a certain image. You can unearth a wealth of skills at this time that will help complete the picture of your desired legacy. The secret to charming folks in authority positions is to engage in company events, business outings, and lighthearted talks in the elevator at work.


You have the opportunity to change personal beliefs that were a part of an earlier version of you on November 8th, thanks to the total lunar eclipse. You've been asked to share your expertise or acquire specific knowledge since the beginning of the year. To make room for travel and sensual delights, any dull events and habits that have amassed sluggish energy need to be thrown away.


Your merging assets, financial portfolios, commissions, and debts are all affected by the total lunar eclipse that will occur on November 8th. It's a really severe eclipse that will catch your attention and bring to light the deeper emotions that surface. Be aware of ruminating, how you handle difficult situations, and even how you react when there is an undeniable attraction between you and someone.


You are prompted to re-evaluate your closest relationships during the total lunar eclipse on November 8th. Strong relationships experience many cycles. Growth needs to be the priority. If this eclipse forces you to make a decision or shocks you due to something or someone leaving your life, don't let fear control your actions. Do what's best for you, and have faith in the process.


On November 8th, there will be a total lunar eclipse, which serves as a reminder to improve your daily habits. Take a deeper look at what keeps you occupied and hustling toward a goal or milestone. Now is not the time to take on extra work. Remove stressful routines and tasks and seek out new options that are more rewarding or at least pay more as effective treatments for burnout. Opportunities that arise during eclipse season are gems in the rough.


The total lunar eclipse for you impacts new relationships, lavish experiences, and creative endeavors. It's time to give up hobbies that have become too serious and time-consuming, or at the very least, find a method to bring them back to life. What's coming to an end in your dating life or with your passion projects? Focus on healthy growth and gently let go of what’s no longer fun.


The basis of your life will be affected by the total Moon eclipse on November 8th. It corresponds to what gives you a sense of emotional safety and security. The location of your home, the family members or roommates you share it with, and the layout of your own area. You have to decide what you can leave for your heirs to overcome the shadows that this lunation can help you overcome. Let go of what isn't valuable enough to keep or pass on.


Your routines and plans will change as the total lunar eclipse moves through November 8th. This week, be prepared for what you have planned but don't panic if you get last-minute calls or emails asking to reschedule. Keep your energies in check. Being adaptable will allow you to participate in unforeseen phone calls, invitations, and information that may position you for favorable results.

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