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What to Expect With Mars in Gemini

What to Expect With Mars in Gemini

Beginning on August 20th, Mars - the planet of war and conflict - will be hanging out in the sign of Gemini…for the next 7 MONTHS!  Yes, you read that correctly.

Typically, Mars only spends about one to two months in a particular sign, but this time around, Mars is getting extra cozy because it will go retrograde for a bit while in Gemini.

Let’s take a deep dive into this planetary ingress (fancy word for when a planet changes signs) and see what it will mean for you.

Mighty Mars

If you are familiar with Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war, and along those same lines is Aries, the zodiac sign and its planetary ruler, Mars.

Mars rules dynamic energy, aggression, war, sex, physical activity, and desire.  It also concerns itself with courage, endurance, and stamina.

Mars is the initiator; it sets things in motion, which requires a lot of energy.  

Inherent in Mars is the concept of creation.  So much is created with sexual energy, drive, ambition, and physical activity.

Mars energy is characteristically selfish, but not necessarily in a bad way.  A healthy sense of self is what drives you to accomplish things.  

Aggression, assertiveness, and enthusiasm can all be used positively to accomplish goals and desires and construct new things in our lives.

Mars in Gemini

When fiery Mars is direct in Gemini, our desire to learn and communicate is high.   We want to learn as much as possible about as many things as possible. 

Our minds run a mile a minute.

Since Gemini is all about communication, our interactions with others tend to be aggressive, direct, and passionate with Mars in Gemini. 

Additionally, friends and friendship may be themes that are highlighted during this lengthy Mars transit, as Gemini is one of the signs associated with friendship.

Mars in Gemini is also great for starting business-related projects, sales, negotiations, and the like. 

What’s important to note is that while you will be fired up to start new endeavors, this transit lends itself to leaving projects unfinished.  During this time, it’s best that you try not to spread yourself too thin. 

Mars Retrograde

Mars will go retrograde in Gemini from October 30th to January 13th, 2023.  

During this time, all that energy and motivation you were feeling to start Gemini-like things (communications, friendships, business dealings, etc.) will wane, and you’ll likely feel lazy and unmotivated.

Retrograde Mars energy is slow, sluggish, and dull.  It’s characterized by a lack of ambition, low sex drive, low physical energy, and a lack of desire to move forward, accomplish, and build.

This Mars retrograde season will likely be marked by petty fights and arguments and feelings of guilt as a result of a lack of ambition.

It’s important to remember that this energy won’t last forever and that the purpose of this time is to reexamine the area of your life where Mars is placed, to plan and organize so that when Mars goes direct on January 13th until March 25th, you can hit the ground running.

What To Expect


With Mars in your 3rd house of communication and ideas, the next seven months will be full of activities in your immediate vicinity.  This transit focuses on talking to neighbors and friends, taking short trips, and handling daily business affairs.  When Mars is retrograde, things will slow down a bit, and you’ll have the opportunity to reflect and reexamine some of your goals.  During this transit, avoid petty arguments with siblings and neighbors; fighting won’t do you any good.


With Mars in your 2nd house of money and material possession, money matters, assets, and values will be the focus for the next seven months.  You’ll likely find yourself creating new income streams, implementing new investment or savings plans, or working on things like your self-esteem or the values important to you in relationships.  The retrograde season will find things slowing down, but don’t worry; they’ll definitely pick back up.  Avoid arguments over money, especially with friends, clients, or associates.


With Mars in your 1st house of self, this transit will put a battery in your back to achieve personal goals, get in shape, or change yourself boldly and dynamically.  If you’ve been meaning to bulk up, these next seven months are great for strength and endurance training, so hit the gym.  You’ll feel less than motivated to continue your efforts when Mars is retrograde.  No worries, though.  Spend that time doing some inner reflection and planning.  This transit will make you feel headstrong and very opinionated, so try to keep calm when communicating with others.


With Mars in your 12th house of solitude and confinement, you’ll definitely want to crawl into your shell for the next seven months.  Pay attention to your dreams, as they’ll likely be vivid and full of messages.  Rest as much as you can; much will be going on behind the scenes.  You’ve got a whole spirit team fighting on your behalf, so have faith and surrender.  The retrograde season will be especially contemplative for you.  Use that time wisely by thinking about new goals and planning.  During this transit, try not to be too hard on yourself; you deserve grace.


With Mars in your 11th house of friendship and goals, the next seven months will be full of activities with friends, socializing in general, and setting your loftiest goals in motion.  Try not to spread yourself too thin, as the energy will have you doing the most.  When Mars is retrograde, expect to feel less than motivated to socialize, as you may be feeling sluggish and lazy.  While much can be accomplished regarding your goals and ambitions, you must keep your eyes on the prize.  Above all else, don’t get into petty arguments with friends!


With Mars in your 10th house of career and public life, you’ll be focused on starting new work projects, businesses, and anything else that can elevate your status in life.  The next seven months will be busy, and you’ll have the physical strength to tackle it all, at least while Mars is direct.  When Mars goes retrograde, remember that it’s ok to rest (actually, it’s necessary!) and that a big part of moving forward is planning in addition to taking action.  Avoid arguments and confrontations with authority figures, fans, followers, and customers.


With Mars in your 9th house of higher education and long-distance travel, the next seven months will be filled with new adventures and a serious desire to experience new things.  You may find it hard to stick to your daily routine, as you’ll have an itch for excitement that you might not be able to scratch.  New trips and new chances to broaden your horizons await.  You’ll experience a lull in this energy while Mars is retrograde, so use that time to rest and plan new adventures.  Avoid arguments with foreigners and teachers and don’t fight over politics or religion during this time; it won’t serve you at all.


With Mars in your 8th house of intimacy, transformation, and shared resources, there will be a heavy emphasis on sex, intimacy, and money over the next seven months.  If you’re looking for funding from others, you’ll be very motivated to set that in motion.  Your sex drive may be through the roof as well.  Your desire for closeness and physical intimacy will likely be at an all-time high.  While Mars is retrograde, don’t be surprised if you feel lazy and unmotivated; rest and make plans for the future.  Arguing with your partner (business or personal) likely won’t get you the results you want, so avoid it at all costs. 


With Mars in your 7th house of relationships, your commitments and obligations will come front and center over the next seven months.  If you’re looking to take a relationship to the next level, you’ll be motivated to move in, get married, or recommit.  In business, establishing new contracts and deals may be the theme of this transit.  When Mars is retrograde, it’s important to remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so rest and recalibration are necessary.  Above all else, don’t fight with your spouse, partner, or business associate; don’t allow anger to ruin what you’ve created.


With Mars in your 6th house of work and health, the next seven months will be filled with to-do lists, daily responsibilities, and new health regimens.  Achieving mind/body balance may be a goal you actively work towards.  Finding new ways to be of service is also likely.  While Mars is retrograde, don’t be surprised if you feel less than motivated to carry out your daily routine, and that’s ok.  Use the time wisely to rest and recharge.  Avoid fights with customers, clients, and those in your daily life during this time; you don’t want to make your life miserable.


With Mars in your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, and children, the next seven months will find you motivated by a desire to be creative, have fun, and let your inner child out to play.  Starting new creative endeavors, dating and interacting on a romantic level, or doing fun things with kids will take precedence.  When Mars goes retrograde, rest and think of new things you can create in this world.  During this transit, avoid conflicts and arguments with lovers and children; this will save you from heartbreak.


With Mars in your 4th house of home and domestic affairs, you’ll be motivated to start new home projects, remote work, or new things with family members.  If you’re looking to purchase property, the next seven months will be the perfect time to get the ball rolling.  Try your best to focus your energies.  During the retrograde season, allow yourself to power down, recharge your batteries, and recalibrate.  Arguments with family (especially parents) are highly likely, so do your best to keep your cool.



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